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that’s what the DREAM DIARY bit is for. Hey shouldn’t this be in the dream diary section actually?

It’s not really my diary. I’m asking for advice and keeping people posted.

I have to agree with Hotrootsoup about age and LD-ing. In my experience I’ve had two half-LDs (half in the sense they were really short) One when I was about 13 [before I knew what an LD was] and one a short time ago being 18. Both just happened because the dream environment was impossible.

I’ve been trying WILD, every night for about a month. I get all sorts of feelings, numbness or falling rising feelings and some swirling colours but no LD yet.

I have tried using WILD & VILD. But couldn’t seem to get the image of the dreamworld to work. The dreamworld kept changing to different things or different versions of the same thing (different layouts etc).

How did your WILD attempts go? Did you feel anything or just fall into an ND, for the first few weeks that was what happened to me. It did get very annoying, but it made more determined not to lose awareness.

At first I was just trying, now I believe I can do it and that was what seemed to allow me to get somewhere. I started believing that the process of falling asleep is completely controlled by my mind and that means I can change how it works.

I don’t know if what I’ve said is right but It’s what I’m trying :smile:

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