Ow, this is really getting annoying.

I was repeating my mantra in my head last night (“I will lucid dream, I will reality check, I will remember”) but I kept repeating this and then what happened after that I can’t remember at all. It keeps happening, I can’t even remember the state where I am beginning to drift off.
I drank fruit juice, there was salmon in the dinner my mum gave me and I slept with lapis lazuli and moonstone.
Some suggestions, please?

Hello, are you trying a specific technique like MILD or WILD. If you are trying MILD I thought it worked better if you trained yourself to do a Reality check when you see a dream-sign. I have no real experience with MILD other than preparing to use it by learning what my dream signs are.

So you use WILD? I think that if my mind stayed awake, so would my body.
I will try that tonight, though.

Yes, I’m trying to use WILD. :smile:
I’ve been told by many people and have found that it takes lots of determination and that it’s the hardest technique. But it just feels right for me, although I think there’s no harm in trying to use both MILD and WILD at the same time.

Some people also find that WILD can be scary at times especially Sleep Paralysis. If you’re planning on trying WILD I would read about it first so you have an idea on what to expect.:smile: I don’t find it scary as much as exciting :wink: but others are frightened by it.

The first steps to WILD would be a good place to start.

Yeah, I hope it works tonight.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Doom… it didn’t work. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Trying again tonight.

Actually, tonight I’ll be trying WBTB with FILD.
FILD looks like a good reliable technique.
:cool_laugh: Wish me luck!

(I’ve only ever had one LD before, it was totally unintentional that was when I was in a boat in Thailand and I felt ill (I’d thrown up before I got on from all the chocolate) had a nap and skipped a dive, while I was napping I was at school in my dream, I asked my friend what period we were in, she said period 1 and I thought wait a sec that’s not right monday week 1 RE is period 3… then I realised I couldn’t remember the trip home and I woke up)

Lucid Dreaming isn’t harder, is it? If you’re a paticular age?

You have to believe you can do it… all out believe… 100% or it won’t work…

I’ve been practising WILD for a long time now and I’d say it should be the right tech for me as it is the only one that has given any result by now… the big problem with it it’s that it needs a lot of practice before you can perfectly balance not to wake up and not to drift off.

Groan… failed again…
This time I set my alarm for 3:30 AM and tried to get to sleep. It was really hard to actually get to sleep, it didn’t help that my mum came in a midnight and acidentally got me out of my sleepy state. And after a while I just thought to turn off the alarm becasue I need a little bit of sleep at least on school days. I also tried WILD and FILD. Basically nothing.

What’s FILD?

FILD, formerly known as HILD: [Hargart's Induction Technique Log (HILD))

Tried WBTB with WILD. Didn’t work so I’m trying again tonight.

I doubt age matters, one LD i had when i was like 6, and I’m only like 13 now, and i just had a LD.

Kay. Well yesterday I totally crammed my brain with LD, hypnotism, subliminal messaging, mp3s, and chocolate and reading everything there is.
It definetely improved my dream recall, I remembered 2 and a bit dreams, although they weren’t lucid it was a start. Tonight I’m going to cram my brain again (this is like studying!) and try again.

And tonight I will try WBTB with VILD WILD and FILD.


There’s a technique I think you should try out. It’s quite simple, thought it might be painful to keep doing it’s proved itself effective for myself and others here.

link: [The mighty power of writing "Am I Dreaming?")


Thanks NeoMarine, but for some stupid reason cyberpatrol blocked it, category chat.