Own voice as an LD inducer?

I came up with a fresh idea which I can’t try (no MP3 player for a while…). So. Would anyone try to make a recording like that:

  1. Silence for ~4 - 4,5 hrs - to match REM time
  2. After that silence, a quiet own voice saying “You are dreaming, stay aware” etc.
    I think it’ll be possible to us to hear our voice in the dream and recognize it. That’d bring us 100% chance to have an LD!
    I would test it myself… but my phone can’t be plugged into the socket and have earphones plugged in at once. I’m sure that constant use would consume its battery quick.

I could try playing a self recording from the computer, but I could never sleep with earphones in, that is to uncomfortable.

this is a good idea if i could sleep with headphone on with out them falling off i would try it. but i don’t think you would “hear” your voice. i think that in your dream you might end up “saying” the phrase and it could make it more effective. epically if in your dream you are talking to some one and all of a sudden you say “i am dreaming get lucid” which would be very weird in real life if it happened.

It’s common to say “I’m dreaming” and not get lucid though… happens to me a lot!

Might be a pain to do on an mp3 player… but a tape recorder (I know, ancient stuff here) on a plug in timer might be the ticket. Maybe I’m just technologically callenged, but how would you record 5 hours of empty time? A program maybe?

you wodent record “5” hours of empty, you would record 5 mins of empty, copy and paste it and once it gets to an hour of empty copy and paste the hole thing 5 time. the file might me like 300 or 400 mbs

If you would be willing to help us out and walk us through, it would be much appreciated. Although I am not technoligy challenged (maybe I am :tongue: ) I could still use some explaining on what your talking about :neutral:

So, maybe something like that to turn the mp3 after some period of time? :grin:

Tape recorders won’t work… they make too much noise. At least the “semi - digital” with the function of “waking up”…

well i don’t know if i have the software to make 5 hours of scielence but i can try.

Hrmmm… I’ve got a CD alarm clock, so really all I would have to do is burn a voice recording onto a CD and then set an alarm for the suggested time. I might have to try this! I’m a little worried that it wouldn’t work as perfectly as it sounds though (the clock makes a slight “warming up” noise that occasionally wakes me before any songs actually start :sad: ).

I know my ipod has an alarm. So you could set the alarm with the voice as the alarm tone, and set it for when you should be in REM sleep. Wouldn’t that be easier than trying to record 5 hours of silence?

I know of an audio editing program that can be used to insert silence into an MP3/WAV track in a few seconds. Google it, it’s called Audacity (it’s free too).

I would try this method, but my only worry is that my own voice would wake me up… how would you prevent this from happening? It’s not like I’m a deep sleeper or anything, as my cell phone’s vibration alone is enough to wake me up.