Owners of Nova Dreamers-Do they really work? Please tell us

Hey I have a question, when you wake up, how do you check how many times the deviced has flashed?? also I’m having hard time setting the flashes not to be very bright because they wake me up!! how do you set them??

Please see my Reyth REM Dreamer Log in this topic sub-category. :smile:


Because of the mixed reviews from the “Nova Dreamer” wouldn’t it be more cost effective to build your own contraption, or have someone flash a light at you whilst sleeping. If your results are good enough to spend the 400$ on then go right ahead:)

moved to existing topic from different forum. apparently the novadreamer has been discontinued :moogle:
Is it any good?
I really want to have more LD’s .

Should i get one?

I saw on the discovery channel recently the human body show that mentioned lucid dreaming and had a clip with the nova dreamer. I have come to find out that they are no longer produced. I would really like to purchase a sleep mask like this but I’m not sure where to look or whats good or not. All the people in my house are interested in this so any help in finding a product similar to what the nova dreamer was is much apreciated.

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I’m afraid that it’s not allowed to link directly to sellers on the forum, so a reply directing you to where you could buy these products would have to be removed.

The only thing I can suggest is if you take a look at the the BIG how-to-make-your own dream goggles. You can make your own :happy:

try ebay

You can also trying looking up the REM-Dreamer on Amazon.

Isn’t there a new NovaDreamer coming out soon?

I think so, but the site has been saying that for like a year…

There are rip-offs of the Nova Dreamer is the good news (like the Kvasar!), the bad news is you have to be an f***ing electrician to put it together, reading schematics and using a soldering gun etc. but they only cost $20. I don’t know why they stopped making them but I can’t wait for the new ones.

Alternative Dream Mask or Kvasar!
Both require a lot of assembly and the first one doesn’t sense REM like the Nova Dreamer it just flashes light into your eyes around when you’re REM sleep should occur but that varies from person to person and also it won’t know the exact time you fell asleep. In addition it looks really gay.

The REM-Dreamer has 2 methods, while the Novadreamer just uses 1…also it’s cheaper, just checked on Amazon

EDIT: Yeah I know I sound like a salesperson, sorry

I got the following information from Dream Views
dreamviews.com/community/sho … hp?t=22821

I don’t understand what the snooze mode is. Does that mean you have to set it every ten minutes to get it to shut off? How long does the snooze mode last? It usually takes me between one to two hours to fall asleep normally every night, so I don’t want to reset it every hour.

Has anyone else recently bought the REM dreamer? There is an upgraded version available.

Hi! There are some topics about the REM dreamer here:


yeah, I read them, but I’m still unsure how the “snooze feature” operates.

I sent a PM to Reyth but haven’t received a response.

They are kind of expensive, I am struggling with Lucid dreaming after having a couple about 2 months ago I haven’t had one since. How useful/worthwhile do you think dream-masks are?

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Well, I think it varies with each person, some it helps, some it doesn’t. I personally have never tried one. I suggest to keep trying with the some methodes that are on ld4all. Then after awhile, still no luck, I suggest reading up on them more. Then decide if you really want to spend the extra money.

In the end it’s up to you, if you think it will help you or not.

Well, that’s my 2 cents, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong on anything. :smile:

I have a question too.
What is a dream mask? Is it the same thing as a sleep mask?

I say tough it out, your able to have an LD normally just keep trying.

Firstly, welcome to the community, Drifter.

I would wait a bit longer before deciding to invest in a Dream Mask, but I’ve heard good things about them. The Novadreamer is supposed to be the best one. They work, it’s just that they can be rendered unnecessary once you improve at Lucid Dreaming.