Pain dreaming

Its funny but just last night i had a dream that i hurt my leg badly. So i had to get some type of operation done. When it was over , i still had the ability to walk, but when i did i felt the most extreme pain in the world ever. It seem very real, becasue i actually felt pain. But times in the dream it went away, and i could walk with a stick or something, but when i look at it or examine it i felt pain. I saw staples and dry blood. Its been a while for dream like this to happen. Some so far back that i can barely remember. But i have falling dreams alot, but the thing is i feel no pain. It just starts a new dream or i might wake up from loud sound that happens in the room at the time. Their was really no big thing about this dream, its just the pain that comes to mind. How can you feel things like so extreme in dream state or while your sleeping? If you think about it your brain is sending messages to your spinal cord down to your leg or so you understand what you feel in that dream at that time. I just dont understand y?, and How?

The same way you can feel like your leg is there in a dream, you can feel that it is hurting. All your brain is making up sensory input from the little it has to work with, so perhaps your leg was asleep or it a wierd position that actually did hurt.

I never experience pain in my dreams, not even when I try to, I use pain as RC (biting my thung) but I have never felt pain, ever, in a dream.

I have always been told that you can’t feel pain in a dream. I have had many dreams where I felt pain. I have been stabbed, shot and stepped on broken glass…and felt them all like they were real! I’m not sure how this is possible. :cool_laugh:

Many people (including me) can feel pain in their dreams.
It’s fairly normal, although not always very pleasant :wink:

I guess its a way of seeing those terms of being hurt . Otherwise else would or could you feel pain in your dreams. Fantasy, desire, or just fear can cause this, but i get confused at where the feeling actually comes form?

Pain is constructed in the brain. In dreams and IRL.

IRL the pain is constructed as a response to the sensory nerves.
In dreampain the input comes from the brain only.

It is not completely true that your dreams have all the sensory input from experience, that is not everything you sense in dreams comes from your mind. Just as we can integrate sound into our dreams, or integrate visual stimuli (eg, light flashes) into our dreams, we can integrate the little bit of tactile input we have while asleep. If your leg is “asleep” or doing the whole “pins and needles thing”, than you may integrate it into your dream. My arm has felt hurt in a dream and when I wake up I realize that I can barely move it because it was barely getting any blood and a nerve might have been pinched or something.

Yea! 200th post :smile: figure out that emoticon for yourself… heh heh

That’s true.
But I was talking about dreampain:wink:

Ahh… well I would say that it still applies however. I know dream pain caused completely by circumstances in the dream is created 100% by your mind, but like I said I have integrated real pain into my dreams before… and I wouldn’t be surprised if I made up a dream situation (in an NLD) that would explain the external (real) pain to my dreaming subconcious.

Heh. :smile: Before we go into a discussion about definitions rather than content…

With dreampain I refer to pain that originates internally only. It is dreamed pain.
You are right about the integrated pain, but this is not what I mean with dreampain. It is real pain that gets integrated.

So I guess we agree :wink:

Definitley. I see what you mean now, it was just I didn’t hear the same thing you thought you were saying :content: .

Their other type of pain in dreams that i didn’t bring up. I use to have these dreams once i a while and its a bit emotional for you while your dreaming it. You can feel pain then , Like for an example, I was dreaming that my dog got hurt and it was about to die, and i felt the most inbeded pain that it all just shot out of my eyes b/c i was completely upset to hear that under real terms my mind didnt know i was sleeping. I sense pain their, buts its not the same pain like if you were shot by something. Dreams can actually affect emotions in some parts of u, and you would never see yourself being in that state of purpose b/c its so extraordinary (brain aims).

I would say you can feel any kind of pain in dreams what you’re experienced in real life.
I’ve cut my finger off with knife in LD, but it didn’t hurt, I felt just some very mild tingling, but there are couple of occasions where I have felt real pain during dreaming…
If you want to experiment, chop your fingers off with axe in ld without thinking about the pain and repeat the test doing so. The results could be interesting to hear. :smile:

Hey thats a good way to see or expand what feeling comes from or atleast when and where you actually should feel the pain. I will keep that in mind for a LD, and try to see if i expericene pain just for my own sick pleasure(not true by the way just to experiment). Maybe you can find the sense of pain in reality and block it out for your own escape. Isnt that meditation? Well sounds like a good subject to dwell on…

i hate having emotianal pain in dreams. last one was just few days ago, when i was playing football in dream. when i got the ball and tried to walk i felt crushing pain and my movement was very slow. it was very painful.

i thought you meant pain, like your brother dying or some type of emotional thoughts that actually bring the sadness out of you. I didnt know football withholds this emotional bond that can cause sadness. Explain what casue the Pain…