Pain in LDs

You know, that sounds very reasonable. Seems like a perfect explanation to me.

But then again…you never really know what’s behind dreaming. Still, that ^^^ sounds logical :ok:


From what I’ve read (which isn’t that much actually…) sleep walking is not someone living out the dream. Sleep walking actually ocurrs in deep sleep, so no SP. Not sure HOW sleep walking works, though. :eh:

I wasn’t in a LD, but once, I was stabbed, and the shock of it in the dream woke me up and I could almost feel the pain where I was stabbed, but no physical harm was done.

Once, I went lucid and in excitement I tripped. It hurt :sad:

I regularly experience pain in LDs, or any type of dream for that manner. Usually it doesn’t carry over into waking life, but I’ve had it happen before. In one particular dream, I was in a car driving down the highway when it crashed. I blacked out and felt a horrible, agonizing burning sensation all over my body. After about 5 seconds I woke up, but I still felt some burning pain in my chest for about another 10 minutes. Needless to say, I didn’t get much more sleep that night.