Pain in LDs

I was wondering if you got hurt or cut in a LD if you would feel the pain or have a cut when you woke up. Please reply if you know!

It’s not your real body inside the dream, so although you can feel intense pain in a LD you don’t actually get any RL physical harm from it. :razz:

I’d never realised you could feel physical pain in dreams - maybe I’m just lukcy that its never happened to me! Saying that though, it does seem to make sense since I could definitely feel my hands when I tried rubbing them.

I’ve felt pain in an LD. It was pretty dull compared to what it would have been irl though, thankfully XP

I feel pain and if its extreme enough I can feel it a little bit in real life. Last night I made my lucid dream turn to an adventure dream and we had to escape a tunnel, my back got struck from a boulder and when I woke up my back was sore and it still is.

Interesting question. I’ve felt pain before in my NDs, but I can’t recall ever feeling pain in a lucid before. I find that in my dreams, I don’t really feel anything that I’m anticipating, like a fall or inevitable blow to the face. Of course, I’ve been shot a few times too, and that was… well, not fun.

I havn’t really had a real LD yet, but I have felt pain maybe a few times in my ND’s. Sorry I didn’t really answer your techincal question. When I have a LD, I’ll tell you if I feel anything. :eek:

I think somones been watching to many matrix movies, how can you POSSIBLY believe or have the slightest thought that you could get a real injury from a dream? its madness.

I don’t normally feel much in my LDs - just my hands. In my last LD, someone did touch me lightly on the hand, though - and I definitely felt it, even when I woke up. There was a lot of emotion in the touch, weirdly enough.

I’ve had pain in ND’s before, but it was much duller than I would expect in WL.

(I was having my legs sawed off by cannibals… I suspect the pain was from my dog walking on my legs…)

I have yet to experience pain of any sort in a LD. However, I too have experienced pain in a ND. One time in a dream I was stabbed in my shoulder, the pain was so extreme it woke me up where I thankfully found myself ok.

One time in a dream i got hit in the back with a sledgehammer, it woke me up…
My back felt like it got hit by a sledgehammer all of the next day…

One thing I’ve always wondered is…can sleep paralysis “stop working” in the middle of a LD? So that for example, if in a LD you, just to try it out, knock your head against the wall really hard, can you real body do it to, and so you wake up with a semi-smashed head? XD
Because I guess that’s a bit what happens to sleepwalkers, right, that their sleep paralysis fails them, so they do what they’re doing in their dreams? Could that happen when you LD? Scary though.

I don’t see why sleep paralysis couldn’t wear off before the other parts of the dream end. In fact, I have woken up because I moved before. But remember that when you bang your head against a wall in a lucid dream, you are probably not in the same position as IRL, so your muscle movements will not correspond to the surroundings. I jump in the dream but only kick my legs in my bed. So I guess it depends on how close your head is to the wall.
This is not what happens to sleep walkers. If it were they would walk blindly around and bump into things. This is not common. Sleep walkers can perform very specific tasks, such as repairing machinery, making sandwiches, and even murder. Fact is, sleep walking does not occur during REM sleep, but delta sleep and the body is not paralysed during delta sleep. They have their eyes open and see their surroundings. An old friend of mine went to the kitchen and cut his hand with a knife before waking up, this is not what you’d expect from someone who can only see dream images.



In seriousness, I’ve occasionally found injuries on myself after waking up, in places where I was injured in the dream. My theory is that it’s due to me moving or something during the night and injuring myself, then having it replicated in a dream.

Of course, that would open the way to second sight, since how could your body know you’re about to receive a scratch, for example, and replicate it in a dream if your senses are shut down?

Unless, of course, your dreams lagged behind your bodily sensations such that when you received a scratch, your body felt pain and was forced to find a way to replicate it for you in the dream. Sort of a body to dream lag.

Oh god i have first hand experience with this and not just LDs.

Had an ND where i got shot point blank range in the shoulder with a revolver and woke up… i still felt a massive stab of pain in my shoulder and it didnt go away for about 7 seconds.

Damn guns, im meant to be shooting them not getting shot!

Isn’t that like sleep walking? Some people aren’t affected by SP that much so that could be a reason.

If you feel the pain from an LD after you wake up, surely it’s all in your mind? If your dreaming, your real body is not there, therefore you can only feel pain while in an LD, and IWL if you feel pain, it’s either from some other thing (some accident you had, or a little injury that you related to the ld, and remove the option that it may have been something that was caused IWL).

Other than that, it’s gotta be some sort of placebo…

I think this is more likely a case of real-world pain affecting the dream, rather than vice-versa. Perhaps your back was sore because you were sleeping in an unnatural position, and that physical distress transferred to the dream in the form of a rock hitting you.