Pain @ Other Things

Do you Feel pain in an ld do you have strong emotions?

It all depends on the vivdness of the dream and yourself, as well as your expectations. The senses differ from dream to dream, but if you have enough lucidness and dream control, you can enhance you senses, which may become stronger than IRL. Usually, you will feel what you expect to feel. In example, if you eat chocolate, it will taste like chocolate, unless you manage to change it’s taste, which is hard to do. About pain… I have never experienced pain in my dreams. Neither normal ones, nor lucids. I fell from great heights, was attacked by monsters, bitten by dogs and snakes, set myself on fire etc. and no pain at all. I don’t know if you can actually feel pain in your dream, even if you wanted to. I will try this in my LD if I’ll have an opportunity, but I highly doubt that pain is possible in dreams. When talking about emotions, they also vary, depending on what emotion we are talking about, and vividness of the dream. Strong emotions like fear or anger are usually strong in a dream as well. Actually, you may feel them even after waking up. Once a dream character, which exists IRL did bad stuff troughout my dream. I was very angry at him during the dream. When I woke up, I was still mad at him, however, that feeling went away during the next minute.

Paulius, pain is psichologic. Of course it’s a reaction to some kind of aggressive action, but above everithing else, pain is psichologic. I’ve felt pain in my dreams, pain as real as RL pain, but that doesn’t mean that pain is unavoidable.

honestly, I don’t feel pain in my LD’s, even when I purposely fell from the sky on the roof of a house :razz:

About feeling emotions, during that fall I didn’t really feel anything so I told myself to feel as if it was real and I got that feeling inside your stomach when you’re free-falling, really cool.

So I guess in a way, if you expect pain in a LD, like many other things, you’ll get it.

It differs from person. Most people I know cannot feel pain in a dream, but I’ve felt such awful pain in dreams. But yeah most people do not feel pain as far as I know.

I’ve heard it been said that dream pain is only the memory of pain that you’ve felt at any point in your WL. I know that i often have a painful dream of having my braces tightened & I haven’t worn them in years. I suppose it could be true, hard to tell, but pain is certainly there. Rarely though, for me at least.

As for strong emotions, well, yes. Very much so.

Definitely. Anything from a slight pain due to being flicked by something to intense pain from some dude using some crazy martial arts technique on my ears and causing my brain to leak out.

I think you can feel pain in the dream but have the ability to control it, even stop it. Its because our mind doesnt know the difference between pain in ld and real life.
I would not say this was my perfect lucid dreaming, but one day as i lay into bed while performing WBTB i fell asleep in half awake, half asleep state. i got a dream and it was a nightmare. I felt some negative entity strangulating me. I could not see it as my dream was not vivid but could feel it. It felt really painful as would do when someone is strangulating you IRL. Then suddenly i realised its a dream and visualised arrows shooting out of my third eye. Then all of a sudden that entity fled. Then i woke up startling and gasping for breath. I could feel the pain IRL too. It subsisted for quite a few minutes…

I don’t think dream pain is necessarily a memory of what you’ve felt before, because unless you want to talk about past lives, I’ve been stabbed in dreams and felt that pain, but I’ve never been stabbed in my life, much less had an axe lodged in my upper arm. I have felt pain from dreams IRL as well (and other sensations as well) when first waking up. I’ve been choked as well, and as far as I know, that hasn’t happened either. I’ve been shot, burned, etc… I remember one very painful dream in which it felt like my upper chest and base of my throat were being crushed in.

It really depends on the dream though. I’ve been burned and it feels only like something warm. Once or twice when I’ve been shot it’s felt like a small warm spot in my stomach. Been shot with hundreds of arrows, and felt more like prickly stuff poking me. Other dreams, I have felt actual pain.

Generally my strongest dream emotions are fear and anger. Anger’s not as common as the fear, but they can both be very strong.

I died in so many ways in my dreams. The worst reoccurring scenario was to die in lava
While not so painful its really scary & disturbing.