Painful exit from a dream

I’d really be interested if anyone has any input on this…

The other night I was dreaming, and I had a distrubing -very physical- proccess to go though to get out of it. I’ll explain a bit.

It was a regular non-LD dream, howver in retorspect I jumped verticaly down a large set of stairs, kind of floating - something that I should have noticed as a reality-check type event. The next moment, without realizing it I was in my friends house, in an unpleasent situation. Angrily I ran outside of my friends house, into my car (still non-lucid) I put the key in the ignition and began to feel like I was going to pass out. I was then frozen. I began to relaize I was lucid slightly- but that only made things a bit worse, as I wasnt lucid enough to shake out of the disturbing theme of the dream. I was then paralized, lucid, vision blurey, and I just wanted to wake up. I tied hard to wake. I then lost vision and expierenced an incredibly physical experience throughout my whole body. At this point I was just trying to wake up but I couldnt. I had a sensation, like vibration or tingling - almost painful - throughout my body as it was being forced into the fetal position. At this point I was fully consious it seemed, and scared. I finally felt a flowing force flowing out of my mouth, and it was so powerful it hurt my jaw.

I awoke in the fetal position with my arms crossed at my chest. I can still recal the whole process and how it felt (overwhelmingly physical inside the dream).

Anyone know what this might have been?

ehh, maybe it was SP dissapearing and it started as soon as you “lost vision”
don’t yell at me if i’m wrong though
the force might’ve been your dream body being pushed into your physical body(which should then be in foetal position) as it was in a completely different position

That sounds like a very strange experience! :wow: The closest way that I can relate is by waking up with a very strong pain in my lower leg, as if the muscle there were injured. Whenever it happens, it’s almost painful enough to make me cry out, and I have to sit up to rub it…and I don’t dare to move my leg at all. It is never related to any dreams, though. It’s awful when it happens though, and if it is bad enough my leg will ache during the day.

That is just normal muscle cramp BB and it is really painful when it first happens. :sad:

Darn BB, that does hurt. But it sounds mostly like cramps. I get them in my calfs, in my case I can’t stretch my legs without them cramping up.

Best thing to do is move into a seated possition on the edge of the bed and rub down the calf. I find that eases it quicker, mine can be so bad I can’t put my full weight on the leg for several days :sad:

As far as the topic goes, the closest I can relate to is what I call ghost pain. Usually it’s due to wasps in my dreams that sting me, I always wake up when it happens and I can feel the sting for 5/10 minutes after waking too.