panic when first becoming lucid

I have attempted lucididy for a long time now, and am thus far (I have lacked recently in my efforts) been able to only maintain dreams where I have known I have been dreaming, but only at the back of my head as if it were an afterthought. I let the dream continue as it would and maintain a shallow dream. If I attemp to control any aspect of the dream, or what have you, the dream loses stability fast. I have tried spinning and so on, but thus far to no avail. When the dream loses stability, it is almost like I am aware that my body panics, but my mind remains calm as I attempt to tell my body that everything is okay. Usually, I drift back to my body and end up suddenly waking up. This strang sensation of duality quite interesting to me. Does anyone have simmilar experiences? Anyone have any advice on how I might overcome this reoccuring obsicle?

Hi Night !
I really don’t understand your problem. :shy: What do you mean by “the dream loses its stability” and why this “loss of stability” makes your body “panic” ? :confused:

I guess I could explain by saying that when I suddenly realize and say “Oh… Im dreaming” my body back in my bed says “Oh…shit!” and then I wake up. If I take subtle note of the fact that I am dreaming, but do not do annything to address that thought, the dream progresses as it would have. However, these dreams are not very vivid and seem that way durring the durration, or at least that is how I remember their nature to be. The dreams where I address the fact of dreaming more outrightly are much more vivid, although shortly spanned.
I hope that gives more insite to my problem. If not, sorry, but just ask again, I will keep on writing if needed.

Hey Night.

This duality you describe is something that happens often for many LD-ers. You can both experience a dream body and also your physical body, lying in bed. I dont think there is one single way to overcome your problem (that feeling your physical body results in waking up). First of all LD-stability increases greatly with experience, the problems should become less and less when you continue to LD. Many of us have had stability problems involving a physical body feeling. In the end you should be able to experience this duality without any problems.

You say you tried spinning and so on. What’s in the “and so on”? Have you tried rubbing your dream hands, focussing on objects in your LD, or both at same time? Have you tried positive affirmation like “next time im lucid, I will stay in the dream / increase lucidity” etc? There’s plenty more tricks to stay in the LD anyway, perhaps some more people can reply to your problem. I would say, keep up the effort and practice a lot, and you should make progress. Good luck with it!

The ‘and so on’ would be things like yelling “lucidity *1000” and rubbing my hand together. I will try the positive affermation though. Usually, I lose confidence, and I know that is bad. I will also try focusing my eyes on something in my dream. When I spin, or say “lucidity *1000” I usually close my eyes, somtimes resulting in me seeing myself from afar. I think that the action of closing my eyes was not helping in the process. Tonight I will try some of the advice you gave, Xetrov, and see if it helps. Then again, friend are in town and I will most likely just end up passing out in my chair with a bottle of Glodsläger in my hand. :lol:
Thanks for the advice.

i had the same problem when i was first trying to LD. Then after i got over the general shock/exitement of being awake in a dream, i always tried flying.

Then i got the fear… just got paranoid about evil spirits lurking around.

had quite a few nightmare LDs where it was difficult to wake up, but generally with a bit of authority i’d wake myself up…just saying WAKE UP over & over.

then i went through a period of being paranoid that i’d see my own death in a dream…! i used to smoke alot of cigs, in one dream i saw these nasty black ciggarettes & thought it meant i had cancer…freaky. i’ve since quit.

then i went through a period of madly chaseing after women in lucid dreams & kind of raping them before i woke up…!

one time i was trying to shag some babe, she told me to stop… as usual i told her ‘its just a dream’ then she told me that it wasn’t a dream (even though i knew it was) this made me stop… could i have met some dead person or another LD’er??

anyway now i just chill and enjoy being lucid. i don’t try to become lucid anymore, it just happens sometimes. i keep a dream journal, had first LD nearly 9 years ago… might start putting effort into it again.


I had a kind of lucid dream a couple of nights back - I think it was my first lucid-like dream.

I remember saying to myself in my dream “I am dreaming” and “This is a dream” and so on. I remember being conscious for a short time and trying to fly! It was a really interesting dream and I did manage to fly for a short time.

I think I lapsed in and out of consciousness though as other times in the dream I felt more passive.

It was a really interesting experience and I hope I have others.

If anyone has any advice or ideas or tips for me I would really apreciate them.


theres definatly many various degrees of ‘lucidness’ in dreaming. it happens to me quite often, i’ll wake up in a dream, then “fall asleep” again…and the dream takes over. being fully conscious & in total control is a fantastic expierience… that realer than real feeling.

different people find different methods work better for them. personally if i wake up in the night & have trouble getting back to sleep i’ll have many lucid dreams & the more i’ve had the easier it gets to controll them.

i think commitment would be the best way of getting good at LDing, i found after keeping a dream journal, i was learning so much from my dreams, relating to my waking life that i had no need for LDs. they can be super-fun tho.

all the best techniques are explained on this site, its helped me loads over the years.

In spiritual theory you may have, but I personally think it is just a DC. They sometimes don’t realize that they’re not part of reality.

Indeed, closing eyes to me is almost always leading to a disaster of some kind, waking me up totally or nearly, or making me fall into a normal dream… so I would advise against it, it would be better to keep your eyes open and focus on any objects that are present in the LD. Also, be sure NOT to lose confidence since that is the no. 1 realy good thing you should do to avoid LD’s… just know that you can do it, have done it and will do it again :wink: … Let us know if you make progress :smile:

Perhaps, but it is extremely more likely that they are figments of your (subcnscious) imagination, it happened to a lot of LD-ers, some DC’s claim to be “real, not dreaming”.

Silentboy: congrats on your first LD! As fineline wrote there are different levels of lucidity, when you reach higher levels you won’t drop in and out of lucidity so fast, so try some techniques to increase your lucidity (plenty of tips on that on the site and forum, just digest them all :smile:)

Usually after I LD (sometimes after ND) I fall into SP, which reminds me of your feelings. When I’m completely awake I may feel dizzy or nauseated.

When I had my first real stable LD, I tried to fly. What ended up happening was that my feet felt very heavy and I could not do it. The next LD I had, I decided to try to imagine myself as something with wings. I tried being a dragon, I think I remember (ya, neardy), and was able to fly very well. If I remember correctly I even felt a sensation as if I had wings, like extra limbs with air under them. I have thus had the plan to try this out again (as a dragon or some sort of bird), but have not had a stable LD since.
I hope this helps. If it doesnt, maybe flapping your arms?