paper clips ( this is no joke)

The reason im posting this is beacouse i couldn’t find any information about this anywhere, and i wanted to know if anybody has or had the same thing happening. First off, i dont know when and where it began. The fact is, ( this is gonna sound wierd), i’ve been founding paper clips wherever i go. Every day, without execption, i keep fouding paper clips. Like, the first times i’ve been encoutering them, i would always think as a coincidence… until it started to get freakier. Like one day, when i arrived home for school, my grandma had come to visit me. She then gave me a BOX OF PAPER CLIPS!!!. When i asked her whtat was that for, she sayd " I though you would need some for school projects". After that, also my friends started to notice the appearence of them. But, the strangest thing to me is that although im sorrounded by peaple, im the only one who notices the paper clips around me. After some time, i though " The only thing i needed was to dream about clips…", gess what, last nigth i dreamnt a realy wierd dream where i found three clips, and i start CHEWING them. after a while, my mouth starts tasting like metal, and i spit the clips to a toilet.

I already tried founding help to my parents, but they keep saying for me to stop worrying about this. But the fact is that i feel like there is a porpuse to this… me always fiding them… them appearing in wierd places where i can see them.
Maybe im just writing a big joke, and maybe it is a coincidence… but the fact is im realy starting to freak out beacouse of this ( im even writing down the pleces and dates, of each clip i find)

I realy wanted to know what do you guys think, feel free to say anything… if this is b*******t, if im delirious, anything.
I want some answers to this :help:

PS: I swear to god this is not a joke.

thanx in advance…

Invasion you say?Damn little paperclips.I knew one day they wiould rise!Nobody litened.Now you see,its happening.You better make sure you have enough canned food in your house and take cover.Age of paperclips has come,were doomed. I bet even Nostradamus mentioned them,they are this little crack in universes stability.And it just started leaking.

Seriously…how often is often?Like few everyday?I would just simply observe it.Sorry,but its kinda funny knowing that one will never find himself running out of paperclips:)Like a magic ability:)
Yeah,i think you just need to watch it without any special worry.They are not cobras right?:slight_smile:

:eh: Scary. Although I thinks its coincidense. For example, when I went searching for rubber bands, I found them everywhere. (Yet it never works with money). If you look for something, then you’ll find it, its just a matter of becoming coscious of it.

Atleast you will never have to use staples again. :tongue:

Yeah I also think this is just a strange coincidence. And because you keep focused at it, you start to freak out more and more whenever you see a paper clip, while in fact there’s actually nothing weird happening. It’s all in your head :wink:

I think it could be a paranoid fixation.

You expect to find them so you find them even in what would be weird places.

Then again maybe though paperclip men are back, back, no no no no… you can’t take me away again. It’s the paper clip men :help:

Just to give you guys the meaning of often, i just found a paper clip RIGTH HERE ON MY LAPTOP…
Please, i know thissounds crazy, but this is realy happening… this is no joke, realy.
I realy find them EVERYDAY, NO EXCUSE…


yeah jack, i think i should be starting bording all my windows, and locking my doors.

PS: not even during my vacation they quit.

I have heard about something like this before, the story i read concerned coins and it sounded a bit like yours, what is the significants of paper clips or was it just a random object that began to appear everywhere?
The story i read went like this.
“some guys father died and while he was alive he kept a coin jar so that the family would never run out of coins when needed, well after he died coins just starting turning up absolutely everywhere”

Lol, on your laptop? Well, how did it get there? It’s your laptop, you should know. Did it magically appear while you were looking the other way? Or did you just put it there? :wink:

every time you see a paper clip do a RC.
Hell at least it will help with your lucid dreaming right?
And with how often you find them it will only be a matter of time before they appear in your dreams.

Actualy, my father was on my laptop before i arrive, so probably he puted there.

And the possibility of a dead relative trying to contact me is realy out couse paper clips never had a meaning to me, and i cant occour of any close relative dying…

Maybe im just being paranoid…

Keep in mind that there are about 6 billion people who don’t run into paperclips all the time. With so many people, there is bound to be at least one who feels he is being stalked by paperclips.

Damn, I wish I had that problem with money. :wink: And pens. Can never seem to find a pen when I want one.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Paper clips are pretty common. Now sheeps guts, if you found sheep’s guts on your laptop and they seemed to be following you wherever you went it would be time to worry… unless you were a sheep farmer or something. :hmmm:

heh weird but i have the same problem just not with paper clips it’s with lady bugs. those things follow me everywhere! at school, friends houses,and in my room… what do lady bugs mean? luck? hopefully

Dude, just stop looking for them. Really, it’ll help. You must see hundreds of chocolate bars a day. The chocolate bars are not stalking you (as amusing as that’d be…) and the only reason you don’t notice this is because you don’t look for them.

It’s all in your head mate. If you can’t stop seeing paperclips everywhere, then start punishing them :cool:. Put em in your pocket, and when you get home cook them in your microwave. Don’t forget to laugh manically whilst they are melting :devil:.

Dude! I can see like… it’s like… I have three eyes or something. Totally :alien:.


Cool, i found a new method :grin:
Im gonna stop giving importance to the paper clips i find, maybe its wath you guys say… its all i my mind.
Give me two weeks of paper clip ignorance, and i shall give you the results. :tongue:

Do you think that if a person beleives that something is storking them so much, they begin to have paraniod dilusions and hillusinations?

Yes, but be careful, the paper clips could attack you during the night and leave little paper clip marks all over your body.

Get a 20 pound note (or your currency), and make an S shape. Then put a paper clip across each gap and pull. The paper clips will mysteriously join. I think you’ll be pleasntly… unimpressed.

Of coarse. Why do you think teenagers get so nervous whenever the police drive by :tongue:?

This was happening to me for a while last year, with playing cards. Everywhere I went, whether it be a friend’s place, work, or down the road, I’d see a few playing cards around the place. Even in dreams, there’d be individual playing cards laying around for seemingly no reason.

Anyway, I decided that there’s simply a huge number of these items around the place these days, and you simply don’t realize until you’re consciously taking notice of them. If I started paying attention to every paperclip I see from now on, I’m sure I’d notice just how common they are as well. :smile:

There is no doubt that this only in your head. There are more paperclips in the world than people. Do you freak out every time you see a person?

Another posibility is that you have split personality and your other self leaves paperclips all over… but…

The simplest answer is usually the correct one… which is more simple?