Paper Mario Series!!!

I’m addicted to those games. :content:

Anyone else?

I haven’t played any of the games. I remember when i was in elementary and heard about it :razz:

There are three in the series. The first one is for the Nintendo 64, the second one is for the GameCube, and the third and most recent one is for the Nintendo Wii. My favorite is the second one, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. But all three of them are great; you should play them sometime! :grin:

I’m not a fan of nintendo but i heardthose games are great!

Heh, I just came across a copy of PM for the N64. I half expected the art style would be flat (…) and uninspiring, but it’s original and quite cool.

I loved SPM, but I don’t have the first yet :meh:

You should definitely get it…do you have PM2? PM2’s my personal favorite, but I love all three. But yeah, get PM the first. You can buy it on the VC on the Wii…

(BTW, I love your icon w/ the little Yoshi…it’s so cute! :content: )