paralell selves , exploring time lines

i dreamed something today :

i was shifting in and out of other mes, but it was not vivid, more like i just understood that, rather than really comprehended the totality of it

not that it was real, because in dreaming i don’t think that matters,
just that the similar experiences and themes seemed to overlay with a lot of other “mes”
and i do realize that everyone in a dream is me, because i started yelling a mantra really loud and everyone joined me and knew all the words,

at least, in that stage of lucidity,

but there is an idea that dreams are our paralell selves, doing similar things, in different ways, and what can be learned from this ?

We are so more than we can be at any single moment. We store enormous quantities of memories, knowledge, emotions, skills inside ourselves, some ready to be accessed at any given moment, others (the majority by far) kept hidden until special occasions.

In this sense, the only way to understand how big we really are in terms of present experience is thinking that there are multiple “us”, different parts of ourselves, all devoted to specific tasks and all acting torwards the common goal.