Paralysis in Life = Paralysis in Dreams?

Hello yall. I am currently attempting to get my aunt into lucid dreaming. Only one problem: she has a delibitating illness where her muscles are extremely weak and is constrained to a wheel chair in waking life. My question: would her muscles be weak in her dreams, too? Or is it merely a mental thing inside of dreams, something like, if she thinks she has muscle strength she does?

Usually I don’t attempt to recruit people as most often they seem to think I’m a psychopath of sorts. “Lucid dreaming? What the hell? Are you gay?” lol, humanity doesn’t stand a hance. Anyways, I was thinking that if I were held inside of a weak body like her, I would literally go insane. I figured that if something positive like lucid dreaming could brighten up her day just a little, it would be worth it.

Anyways, Cheers.

In a dream, you can do anything you can image. Her weak legs would be no more in dreams. She could run and jump like a grasshopper if she wanted to. In EWLD, it mentions that LDing could offer an opportunity to the cripple and handicap. SO no her paralysis would not limit her at all in her dreams.

Needless to say, as we all know - if she believes that her disability will carry over into her dreaming life, then it undoubtedly will. It all comes down to beliefs.

In waking life, we are “constrained” to earth, but in dreams we can fly. Maybe lacking the paralysis could even be a good dream sign. :cool:

If you haven’t already mentioned it to her, just never let her know there’s an chance the illness could follow into the dream. If she beleives she wont be troubled by it, she wont!

Real life paralysis should not effect dreams unless you put the idea in her mind and it works like placebo.

Remember, in dreams you can change your form to be none humanoid. You can be a ball of light, or a tornado which I can say is alot of fun.

So unless she gets the negative thought and it hinders her, she could have full range of motion :smile:

ben comes along and buggers it up with physiology

Nope, anything physical (spinal damage, rickets etc…) can be ignored totally by the brain during a dream, ergo unless by placebo any disabilities are likely to be nonexistent.