paranoia helps...

I’ve found out it is really easy to have dreams when you are paranoid about something. Say you have something in your room you don’t want any one to find so you hide it. So In your dream you find it out in the open and you are trying to look for a place to hide it before anyone see’s it.

This happens to me so many times. And then I know Im dreaming cause I know I hid it somewhere. This really helps for people who are new to LD like I am…

I’m gonna tell your momma, I’m gonna tell your momma! :smile:

:wow: <- Your momma

Hi Marshell,

what u say will work 4 some ppl because fear is very direct related to our subconsciousness…so its not that strange…many little children have nightmares at night about what they experienced as fear at daytime…


I guess i need to get some full vial of hiv positive blood and have it next to my…ok enuff

:smile: Ok Jack…lol!

It isnt my piece of cake…i do it the classic way…
But for some like Marshell it could work, so his cake is different then my cake…lol…and thats fine by me!


This happens to me lots, but I’ve never thought to try to get lucid from it, so I guess I’ll try :smile: