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I discovered, or was discovered by,
a territory
a junction of time

all of man’s society,
organized by communication, structured by a language
represented perhaps in “astral”
as a large building, each building connecting, through signs
depicting eras, territories, cities, ideas, nations, boundaries

if you go here, or find yourself here, I would say be careful
it is friendly but it is a place that is very very very real, and humbling,

in each room is a representation of the place the sign indicates, such as “1950s” and yet in each room is a sign, or an infinite number of signs, since it is a dream after-all, leading towards other times, other places, other social ideas,
this seems to be the “logos”

how to get there ? I have no idea,
is it real ?
who knows,
but I write about it so you might experience it, because you can choose where you want to visit,

Are you talking about the 'Akashic Record’s ?..

If you have been to the Akashic records. Hats off to you, and it sounds alot like that. I never thought I could ever get there even though Im good at LDing, and Aping. So if you do have access to this place. Would it be O.K. for me to make a list of questions for you to look up for me, because it dosnt just have world records, it allso has personal records… Nevermind I wouldnt want you wasting time looking up my info, but I do have some question that involve the world.

Actualy could you just tell me how you got there? Ill try to get there myself. Oh you have no idea. Damn, Maybie I could just ask for the records when APing, I dont think it would work in a LD, but I dont know that just sounds too simple. Its amazing you stumbled on this by accident. I think it found you. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could get to this amazing library. Infact this would make for a good LD challange.

Kava my friend look atyourextremedoubtandconfusion

so many questions then " never minds "

you sound like you want an omniscient guru to tell you everything about the universe,
hats off to you (since taking the hat off is a sign of respect)
i wish for this, too,

it may have been Akashic, or it may have been symbolic of a singularity coming in my life,