Past & Future

Just a quick question does anyone believe it is possible to purposely see events of the past or the future in lucid dreams?

I personally don’t believe so, but you may want to look at this… … topic=3492

Sure! it happens all the time. I think many people have had dreams of past events. I’m not sure of the accuracy of the recreation, although I’m sure it’s created in that all-so-familar fuzzy dream language.
I’m sure when you say “past” you might mean certain major points in history, and not places you were physically at in waking life.
Many people believe your dreams “go over” your past and process the information you have learned yesterday. I suppose all dreams are recreated from the past.

I don’t think it’s hard to believe that dreams can also point out situations of the future. In dreams your brain has the ability to process the information it has, and create possiblites of that information. It may seem like dreams are “predicting the future” but they could be pointing out the obvious that your waking mind over looks.

yes deffinately. I have experienced this first hand, my mother has experienced this.

past events are obviously easier as you may already know the events due to schooling and it comes out in dreams.

I’ve done it only in NDs and things have transpired. The problem with doing it in LD though would be that you see what you want to see rather than the truth. The subconscious jumps into your dreams even in lucids.

eg: you try to see what you are doing in 10yrs and your subconsious actually gives you want you would like to be doing rather than will be. So i would say it is highly inaccurate but possible if you can control your mind completely.

Astral Projection would be the better method i have posted before about a friend of mine whose had things happen, where she relived whole a day with her friend - who in reality was alone (including going further into the day that the real time) and when she asked about what she saw it was correct. So yes i deffinately believe it’s possible to do, just hard via LD.

Alot of my ‘deja-vu’ feelings are from dreaming about something in a normal dream, then later on experiencing that. One time I dreamt about being inside this cottage on a lake somewhere i have never been, abit later my girlfriend took me to her family’s cottage, and the lake and surronding area was not the same, but being inside the cottage felt very odd. Its weird.

I think “seeing” past events is possible. They have happend, and if something like telepathy exists, the informations could be given from person to person and are now saved deep in our subconscious.

I don’t believe in seeing the future, simply because the future doesn’t exist yet. You can interpret informations you already have to make assumptions about the future (“What will the weather be like on next monday?”), but I wouldn’t call that predicting the future.
If it would be possible to see the future, the future would have to be fix in my eyes. And I don’t like that thought, because it would mean we don’t have a free will.