Past Memories/Lives

Everything I realize in my lucid dreams,are trying to tell me something.In my pretty much last week,I have been getting visions,stuff that feel like de ja vu.Except that it is old,it seems like everytime i LD,i get transported about to the 1300s.I learnt a lot really.I actually knew about something called the Industrial Revolution at school,but did not know exactly what happened.When I was in an LD,I understood everything exactly perfectly.

So stuff you see in dreams might also be a sign of something.That old house I saw was made of straw.It felt like the size of a storeroom.Whenever water rained,the buildings would collapse.I met a person in every one of my dreams(Violet was one of them,see My DJ)but there was another old person.About his 70s I think,he kept on building straw houses and eventually died from several diseases which are not pretty common right now,and I do not know all the diseases except he died from ‘Hypothermia’ and a strabilus eye(like me)but his strabilus eye was left untreated,makes sense,it was olden times.

One day I told my mother about it,she showed me a picture and white of a small brownish straw house.In there was the exact man I saw in the dream,except different clothes and golden teeth.It was weird really.I did an RC to check if I was dreaming,but alas i was not.

So,I have also recently seen posts where people are having past memories as well.These LD’s are and still are vivid.I think the dream is trying to tell me something,if is.What is it trying to tell me?Any Suggestions?

Thanks for reading and helping out !

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