pausing/slowing time

i read recently that you can slow down or stop time in a lucid and after reading manys experiences i am very interested in trying it. There are those who believe you can live days weeks months, or even decades and lifetimes in short amount of time lets say 10 mins, or even a very brief moment. I fully believe this is possible because take for example people who say they relive their entire life in a split second in a moment of danger, this is very similar except the opposite, instead of downloading your uploading.

Like to hear yout thoughts on this

that depends on your interpretation of time.

Do you even need to be in a lucid dream to change time? What about when you play or are practicing your sport, martial arts in this case, haven’t you been able to “slow down time” for yourself? When you’re comepletely focused on what you’re doing? I was told that time goes just a little differently when one is on a plane than on the ground. And if that is so, then wouldn’t being in space make the difference that much more marked?

What is time to you, how do you interpret it, and what does it take to change your perception of it? These are probably the questions you should be asking yourself.

I would like to believe that it is possible, but when my mind tries to imagine the functionality of doing that it usually goes poof in a cloud of smoke.

Yanielle does have a good point regarding the perception of time. The age ole saying, “time flys when you’re having fun” is certainly understandable these days, but what does that really mean? We’ve always been taught that time is pretty constant and linear yet but by the simple act of altering our perceptions through activity we are seemingly able to bypass those rules on an individual basis.

In my dream experiences I have had moments where it seems like more time has passed in 10 minutes that I was having a quick dream. Dreams that seem to span a day or a day and a night, etc. But they are never as linear and constant as a single day or night would present itself in the waking life. It’s usually quick and speedy and after crunching a week into an multi-hour sleep period my mind just goes wow what a crazy dream.

Actually now that I am thinking about time experiences relating to dream sequences there is one that stands out. I was in a location speaking with DC’s and I feel myself waking up. I wake up, roll over, think that I want to return there. Pretty quickly I fall asleep and make it back there. Only now everyone is gone, and when I ask a DC where everyone went they told me it had been nearly two weeks since the last time I was there.

Leaves me questioning two things; 1. did 2 weeks of dream time pass in the 3-4 minutes I was awake \ falling back asleep? or 2. should I have been more specific when I said “there” and included “when” as well?

Either way it would seem that as Yanielle said it is all a matter of perception based around the individuals experience. What do your experiences tell you of time, and how can you use the perceived experiences to alter your understanding of your dream time, because if we can do it here, why can’t we do it there?


Some interesting thoughts.

This is a very tricky subject because there is no structure in the dream world, what i mean is you may experience 3 days in the dream world but who is to say 3 days have really passed, you think that amount of time has passed because it went from day to night 3 times but there is no set time when the sun will rise and set, it is completely random.

One thing i don’t understand is how people can say they spent 6 years for example in a lucid, i mean how do you know that amount of time has passed (i mean your hardly going to count the days) and even if someone were to do that that brings back up the lack of structure that the dream world brings therefore making it impossible to judge how much time has really passed.

Anyway as i said i do believe it is possible to slow down time significantly, a few people have reported to live 90+ yrs in a lucid without trying! so imagine if you did attempt to manipulate time.

As of late i have been forgetting to try this, in a lucid 2 nights ago i remembered about 2 hours into my lucid so i used a verbal command which was freeze time now and i pictured everything stopping like on “click” when he presses pause, those who have seen it will know what i am talking about. Anyway a few seconds after i done that my lucid which showed no sign of ending any time soon quickly faded! How ironic that is supposed to prolong my lucid time but it done the opposite. I wasn’t impressed.

I think was because i started getting anxious about how much longer i was going to be lucid for which you should never do, i used to do that alot in my early lucid dreaming days and it nearly always resulted in premature awakening. Now i just stay calm and feel as if i can stay in the lucid as long as i want and that approach brings me long lucid dreams, most i choose to wake up myself after i am happy with the length of the lucid or if i want to make sure i recall certain details of the lucid.

Anyway i am just going to focus on one goal which is freezing time for now so i remember it, i should be lucid tonight so hopefully 2moz i can tell you about the longest lucid of my life.

:eek: Wow. That’s… strange. I can’t believe that short of time is 2 weeks. But, what I want to know is what you look like when you wake up. Do you disappear? Imagine those DC’s talking to you, and then you disappear for 2 weeks…

Very interesting consideration. I’ve never thought of what I look like when I am interacting with DC’s and then I slip out of the world.

I wonder what would happen if I let them know I was feeling like I am slipping away before I do.

I don’t really think 2 dream weeks passed in your dream. I merely think the DC just said it, it doesn’t really mean 2 weeks passed

Hardly matters whether 2 weeks actually passed or not. If a DC said 2 weeks passed, and you believe him, your mind’s going to edit all events to fit with the story “2 weeks passed.”

Sleeping is 1/3 of your life time(I heard),
so if you get a LD after every 2 days, it might live like a normal life but then with flying, and stuff :happy:

the reality about people who say they spent years in dream is this: we know that we sometimes have false memories in dreams.the false memories of these people are strong enough to make them believe that they spent years

After considering it again, I guess it doesn’t make sense that two weeks would pass in a matter of seconds.

I guess it makes more sense that when I returned I wasnt focused enough and ended up two weeks into the future of where I left off. I suppose I should be more specific when rentering a dream to ensure I travel to the same moment in time that I left.

Or at least closer than two weeks :smile:

In a plane (or in space) is different, it’s not about your perception of time, but time is actually different. (this is relativity or something, I forget)

However, there are some drugs that slow down/speed up your perception of time. Also, in a near-death situation, you perceive time slower. There’s actually been experiments about these:

Interesting topic!

My dreams generally seem to occur in fast forward and skip a lot, so if you all have any techniques that help slow things down a bit, I am all ears :wink:

I had a pretty epic nightmare in which I became lucid towards the end, and since I was being attacked by snake-like vampires (who didnt seem very pleased with me) I decided to freeze Them in time… it nearly worked:) Back to the topic.

My theory is that when you feel that you have dreampt for years, and have a vague memory of days/weeks/months passing, that you really experianced the ‘frames per second’ effect. In film we use 25 frames per second to simulate life-like motion, but theoreticlly you could have a day per second (a tad more speddy than 25 fps) pass by your eyes and time would quickly flow by, giving you the impression and the memory that “years have passed”… and when you find yourself in the present time, aware and containing concious memorys, time has simply returned back into the ordinary ‘25 frames per second’ time/motion… Or something. Could be horribly wrong, way too tired to think straight. Night guys!

I believe what is necessary is the narration of a complex script of activities to do while dreaming and to be lucid in a deep phase of NREM or REM

not early morning sleep

that is to say, one is going for a lucid walk, and the mind is noticing everything, and they just keep exploring, because they do, scenes keep chaning

and so they go thru different worlds, because the sceens change, they are absorbing new information, so they don’t wake up, so they can be lucid as long as they want

whereas if they are just with a certain plot-line

then they may wake up

now I know that times where I’ve deliberately said “i want to be lucid forever” it does seem to last a lot longer, than times where I am lucid and not really deliberately doing anything.

one’s goal would be to leave the subconscious into astral universes and galaxies, and then one should be able to stay as long as they wish, then wake up.

i had yesterday my 1st LD ( :thumbs: ), and i was able to stop the time for about 1 sec… but not longer … i havent red the posts above me but what ive red (ye some parts :content: ) it is able to stop the time for longer if i … just want it to be or related to my interpretation of time? :eh: i tryed it more often (so about 5 times or so) but always just a second … hmm ill try it next time again :tongue:

PS: I GOT MY 1ST ONE!!! :content:

I actualy do a form of this in real life. I really space out when in the shower and it seems like a hour in ten minutes! Also when i have to finish homework fast i seem to superprocces or slow down time while doing it to finish. I have no idea how or why i seem to have this ability.

Wow that sounds interesting.

People say theres no real way you can know, its just a FM, I think its not true. some people say how short their LDs are, I really think its possible to slow down LD time so your REM period is stretched therefore having more time in a LD. Stephen LaBerge reckons he did this phenomenon, and lived for weeks in a matter of minutes, normally this guy doesnt get his facts wrong.

I tried to freeze time in an LD once, im not sure if it did anything, but it was the longest LD ive had so far. I think part of it is your mind beleiving it. Seeing as your in your mind, if it thinks something is happening/happened, regardless of whether or not it has – the effects of it will be in place.

Gee, I hope all that up there made sense :tongue:

Ive done it before in an ND, i had a sword and when i swung and made contact everything slowed down like bullet-time in a video game, movements were all so slow bar mine which allowed me to get in some more hits with the sword. Was interestign though and for a little while i also slowed down a tiny bit, like it took more effort to move one leg sometimes and i would move slower.

its like when you die your mind produces mass amouts of dmt and next thing you no you are in another reality, so whos to say that you cannot influence the very fabric of time, your mind is the universe…