PC - Problems

My dad bought me a dell - pc with vista on it, he also had an old copy of 'Norton antivirus, that I installed on it, and I updated it on the web. It connected good to the wireless in our house

But now it won’t connect to the net! It says that it only has local access to the network, well, theres internet on the wireless,that is as sure as i am writing this (this pc is on the same wireless network :wink:)

Now it isn’t on the web and I keep getting this really frustrating error message taht some driver isn’t for the right windows version and it asks me to either go search for solutions on the net (impossible) or press “cancel” which makes a new one pop up in a few minutes.

Anyone got any ideas of what is wrong?

Oh,and it won’t delete norton of some strange reason.

The words “old Norton” and “vista” scare me.

If it’s old it probably is not compatible with Vista, many things aren’t. :tongue:

Norton is likely the issue, hence why you can use a PC on the same network. Figuring out how to uninstall Norton would be my first suggestion.

I uninstalled norton and now it is working again :smile:

Is vista really shitty?

Vista has two main features which XP didn’t have:

  • Slowness
  • Unstability

Or so I’ve heard. I’m keeping my Vista-skinned XP.

add incompatibility with EVERYTHING to that(I’ve heard that vista is not only incompatible with software like Norton, but also to all sorts of hardware)

I’ve heard mixed reviews.

Some say it looks nice and has some nifty windows programs, others curse the lack of software that has working drivers for it.

Personally I have no desire to upgrade to it at this time or the foreseeable future.

If you do keep vista on the machine rather than installing XP on it, I would suggest NOD32 for your Antivirus. They latest is supposed to be compatible and its one of the best there is available in general.

Mohegan was so right about this that it scares me,

Norton = bad

Old norton = atrocity

I don’t like it when it works, find an anti-virus that is free and will work on Vista :smile:

I don’t want Vista because I can’t see the advantage of it compared to XP right now.

Not to mention it uses more system resources and I don’t care for the fancy little effects. Anyways.

Oh, don’t be silly now! :tongue: Of course [size=100]XP[/size] had such features; only, from [size=100]XP[/size] to Vista, they improved! :woot:

Should I switch from vista to linux or something else? Will all programs continue to work? Will I get less viruses?

From what I know, Linux is hell as far as program compatibility is concerned. It can be good for nerds because of its nature, but the average person should steer clear of Linux, if they want to use any other programs than what they already have out of the box, that is. And then there’s a little nice thing called “shell”, which is…well…in Windows, go to Start, Run, type “cmd”, and press enter. Done? That’s the shell more or less.

The Mac follows. Some more compatibility, but still not like Windows’.

If you have Vista, well, keep it. It costs quite some money, so it would be a waste not to use it now that you have it. Wait some months and you’ll be downloading patches all the time. Software is always rushed to the market, and Vista is no exception.

Windows “updates”? They’re patches, plain and simple.

XP would be what you’re loking for. While not the best operating system there is, you’ll be able to install literally anything on Windows.

And, to get less viruses, you need:

a) an active antivirus
b) a safe browser (Opera being the safest)
c) caution

And the latest fashion is malware. Viruses are kind of old-fashioned. So you need protection from those too, which means get some antispyware.

This has long been reversed. With the main distributions of Linux being able to run Windows programmes (not that easy to configure them in Linux, true, but still possible nonetheless), and the huge base of Linux–native software growing every day, Linux has long overcome Mac in terms of compatibility.

I agree. Now that you have it, Petter, keep it. Vista is one bloody expensive piece of software, not the kind you throw dispose of in a week. Of course, as Antonio said, it might be infested with bugs now, but in a couple of months it’ll be all patched up and running smoothly. (Or smoother.)

Good it works again! :content:

But if you still want Norton I think you can run the install-file in XP-compatible mode.
And if the same error still happen try running the Norton .exe in compatible mode too.