PDC scholarship [winners announced :) ]

Get a free pass to the online dreaming event of the year!
application deadline: 22 september at noon GMT

Every year, the International Association for the Study of Dreams hosts an online dreaming conference, called the Psiber Dreaming Conference, or PDC for short. This year’s conference will run from September 26 through October 10. Two weeks of cutting-edge presentations, workshops, and discussions with some of the top experts in the field of dreams.

Participants will be able to talk with the presenters, join the online workshops and submit dream related artwork to the online dream gallery.

This year, Roko Beli, the award-winning director of the documentary film on dreams that will accompany the release of the DVD Inception will be the Keynote Presenter.

And someone a lot of you may still know: Nick Cumbo (Explora), founder of Sealife and long time LD4all member, will present a paper called “Invisible Schools”, all about the education we receive while asleep.

Two other presenters at the PsiberDreaming conference will be of great interest to lucid dreamers. Beverly D’Urso, PhD, whose lucid dreaming skills caught the attention of Stephen LaBerge to the extent that she spent years of research and also made films with him, will present on “Emotions in Dreams Leading to Self-Realization” ; and Jayne Gackenbach, PhD, one of the pioneers of lucid dream research whose attention has turned to Internet gaming, will deliver a presentation called: “Video Game Play and Dreams: What are the Important Questions?”

I have the privilege of giving away 10 scholarships for the conference to LD4all members. :ld4all: That means you will get a free access pass to join the conference!

How to be considered for a scholarship?
You just need to apply for the scholarship, and post a motivation why you would like to join this year’s conference.
You can apply by posting in this topic, or by PMing me. (note that the people who are granted the scholarship will be publicly announced)

You are especially invited to apply if:* You have stories about your lucid experiences you are dying to share with the dream experts in the field,

  • You create art based on your (lucid) dreams (whether poems/paintings/stories)
  • You aren’t able to join the conference in any other way (lack of money, etc.).

The scholarship winners will publicly be announced in this topic, and personally through PM.

If you are one of the lucky receivers of the free pass to the PDC, then we would appreciate it if you would write a short report on how you liked it, to be posted on LD4all and on the IASD website. :smile:

If you have any Questions, don’t hesitate to ask :smile:

For more information about the PsiberDreaming Conference, go to www.asdreams.org/psi2010/

(More information on presenters and papers will follow in the coming weeks.)

First of all, thank you everyone who has applied! I truly have been touched by some of the responses. Luckily I don’t have to disappoint too many people. If you haven’t gotten a pass this year, then you can still get into the conference the regular way, but it will cost you money ofcourse. (Students get a discount though!)

Now, to get to the important bit:

And the winners are…
in alphabetical order
[size=142][b][color=blue]* aquaboy11

  • idanl09
  • KauaiDreamer
  • leprechaun
  • Lidybug
  • Mew151
  • rcslaney
  • Siiw
  • trophycase[/color][/b][/size]

And I hope you have a wonderful time at the PDC!

I saw some info about this on a site earlier, it looks really good. I’d been looking for ways to get on it but I didn’t really have enough money (I’m young). I’d like to do this because I do do some (reasonably) good lucid artwork (Sometimes in my dreams too :razz:) and I have a reasonably good knowledge of dreaming and psychology.


Lol, Q, it sounds like you’re condoning sneaking around parental units. :razz:
Anyways, I would loooove a free pass. I’ve always wanted to be a part of this. Here are a couple reasons why a pass would be awesome for me: 1) There is no way that i would be able to do this if it wasn’t free. My parents would think i’m a lunatic. 2) the event begins 5 days after my birthday :smile: (don’t know if that counts for anything). 3) I have plenty of lucid and non-lucid dreams that i would love to share. 4) none of my friends LD, so I rarely get to talk about dreams with anybody. 5) My motivation to LD has been fairly low lately, and this sort of thing would definately get me back into dreams.

I understand that there will probably be many applicants, so thanks in advance for reading.

Im pretty sure i won’t be able to afford it,
but i would be soooo sooo greatful if i got a free pass. I’m not very experienced with lucid dreaming personally, but i am definitely interested in learning more and being apart of the conference and sharing the experiences i do have. Just being able to increase my knowledge and hear out so many other people interested in the same ideas means a great deal to me, i tried creating a piece of art on my lucid dream, i don’t know if its any good, but i’d love to share my poem on it.
I’m sure there are many other people that feel the same way as I do,
and whoever you choose i’ll feel happy for them and hopefully another great opportunity will come by for me.

You are right trophycase, that’s not my intent. I have that passage removed now :smile:

:eek: Wow… to think I could go to an online dreaming event.

Well if there are any leftover free passes then I’ll gladly take one. :grin:

haha. I didn’t think it needed to be removed. i just thought it was silly. and I would also be very to willing to write a report on the event if i were to attend. I would love to think that a report i wrote may motivate somebody on ld4all to go next year. :tongue:

I would also like to put my name in for the drawing of a free pass.
I have been working on a lot of paintings regarding lucid dreaming. My project is (for at the moment) still private seeing I am using the paintings for an idea that is not on the market yet. I’m also a single mom who’s constantly struggling not to get her electric and gas disconnected, so yes, definitely not able to do this financially!
I have had some lucid dreams, but I am really into the healing and personal growth aspect of it. I would like to know if there are more LDers into the healing aspect.

Thank you all who have applied so far :smile:

For everyone else, who is hesitating, or wondering what this PDC now actually is… you are getting a great opportunity here to be part of this conference. Those who applied already know this, but for everyone else, some more about this “psiberdreaming conference”

This year will be my 4th conference. I have been part of the last 3. I’m not presenting, but will be there :smile: This PDC is more addictive than LD4all, and luckily it only lasts for 2 weeks. There will be around 21 presentations, new ones posted every day. It takes place on in a forum setting, just like here. Every day, new presentations or workshops are posted. The presentations are very interesting papers, which you then get a chance to discuss, with the author of the paper. Some of the presenters I already mentioned in the first post. The final list of presenters will be released soon.

If you are interested in things like telepatic dreaming, shared dreaming, precognitive dreaming, then you may enjoy the contests they hold - there always are contests that challenge you to try and dream of a predetermined target. It’s an experiment at the same time, but you also get to win cool stuff if you get it right :grin:

Applications are still accepted, so don’t hesitate to sign up. The exact deadline is not known yet, but will be around sept 1st, I’ll be posting that as soon as I know it :smile:

The presenters are known

You will find a full list of all the presenters of this year’s conference, along with the abstracts of their presentations here: asdreams.org/psi2010/presenters.htm

:eek: No one’s applying?

I guess you could sign me up, I was going to make a game on LD’ing but I had to push it back because we’re working on another game. :wink:
I really would like to go because…
Well, I’m just fascinated with just the first few presentations. I’m fascinated with this kind of stuff.

The reason I am not applying for this is because I dont feel like putting an effort on a thing like this, but foremost it is because I am afraid to get addicted by this if Qu is right :razz:

Well, I can always dig through my DJ to see what stories I can share with Psiberdreaming :cool_raz:

Although I know I can’t contribute much, and therefore I’m probably not the best choice for this, I think this event is interesting and could contribute to me instead. And even if I could contribute, then I wouldn’t have the chance to due to financial problems (I am not quite living on my own feet, and my parents want to know what I spend my money on, and they’d most probably not approve this). I’d definitely not say no to one of those passes if there’s any left after you consider the applications of those who really need and deserve them. :content:

I would love to be apart of the Psiber Dreaming Conference! Lucid dreaming has opened me up to so many new avenues of life. Through Lucid dreaming I have explored my spirituality, meditation, the power of crystals, and I have even been attuned to Reiki. I have done all of this in a little over a year and a half while also having the amazing journey of giving birth to two beautiful little girls Lena a year and a half, and Brooke 3 months old. I started lucid dreaming when Lena was 3 months old. It has made me look at my children with different eyes, wondering what is in their dream world, what can they do and how real does a dream seem to them. At such a young age that they cannot yet describe to me what they see when they close there little eyes. Do they understand what a dream is? I see their little eyes move and flicker while in Rem and I can’t wait to the day that we can share our dreams and I want to open there minds to Lucid dreaming so they can start there practice as early as possible to open their minds to endless possibilities as Lucid Dreaming has done for me in my thirties in both waking and sleep.
I also would like to share what I learn through this conference with my community here is Costa Rica. We have a very small but open minded group of people that have moved here from all over the world. Many come to me to discuss there dreams and to hear about the latest information out there about dreaming. I would like to eventually hold a workshop on lucid dreaming here in my community, but first I would like to continue to build my knowledge on the subject so I can share with not only my children as they grow but with people around me. :content:
Thank you for this opportunely to share why I would like to be apart of this exciting Dream Conference.

A sneak preview of the PDC has been posted on IASD’s youtube channel. This video will be part of a PDC presentation :smile:


There is still time to apply, don’t be shy :smile:

Remember you can always PM me as well if you feel uncomfortable posting your motivation in the forum.

Lucid dreaming introduced me to many, many things.

It opened my mind. If I never ran into Lucid Dreaming, I’d be very close-minded.

It introduced me to spirituality…

Also it introduced me to the PG and WG. :tongue:

Well, if I get a pass to the conference then I have some stories to share :content: my recent LD for example about Inception, and many more! :woo:

I have no other possibility to join this than through a free pass :tongue:

Ditto. :tongue:

Well, I have plenty of lucid experiences I’d love to share. I don’t know if I’d have the time for this just yet so I won’t ask for a pass just in case. I’ll just buy it if I have to. ^^