People who have passed on in my dreams

A few years ago a good friend of mine passed on. Over the past few years I have had dreams with him in it only its like I’m really there with him and that its not just a dream…What does this mean?

Well, I know it means one thing for sure: that friend meant a lot to you, and that’s probably why you dream about him so vividly. Our subconscious is weird in that it picks up on the things we want and feel (even if we don’t realize it). That’s how dreams are often formed.

I’d say your SC really wants your friend to live on in your heart. I know it sounds cheesy, but I think it’s really very valuable, and you should treasure those dreams. I know I would.

i see it as a part of your subconscious, like once you memorize something, you cant forget it, even when you think you have, its always in the back of your mind.
thats how i think characters are manifested into dreams, i mean ive only seen my dead uncle once, and i couldnt remember even what he looked like, but i saw him in a dream.

Hi Phxsun. If you say ‘‘only its like I’m really there with him and that it’s not just a dream’’ , did you mean you felt as if he was really present there, his consciousness etc…, as if he wasn’t part of your imagination but really himself? Were the dreams with him very empty( little features in the background), like total darkness with only you and him talking and few objects( no tables or chairs)? And did he say anything to you so real that seemed to tell you it was really him who was communicating the message, not just part of your imagination?

If yes, it could probably be him you saw in your dreams. Just some thoughts for you to think about, most likely not right, so don’t take them too seriously. Could be nothing at all. :neutral: :neutral: