Peppermint Capsules?

I see that some people are recommending mint tea, but what about simply taking it in capsule form? Could I do this instead?

There is a good website that sells them:

Go to “Shop” and then “Herbal”, then scroll down. They are selling 100 350mg capsules for £12.99. Free delivery on all UK orders.

Should I give it a try?



It’s worth a try I guess…I’ve got some at home so I may give this a try

The capsules contain dried leaves of the plant so it should work!


Yeah, I ordered some on Saturday, so they should be arriving either tomorrow or the next day.

I assume that peppermint is completely safe, and that there’s no particular overdose that could happen, so I’m going to start on just one capsule, and then increase this by one each night until something exciting happens.


:smile: Well keep us informed Ed how it goes! :happy:

Good luck!

The way I see it, one of two things can happen…

  1. You start having some sweet LDs and wake up with minty fresh breath.
  2. You wake up with minty fresh breath.

You win either way. :smile:

I mentioned this under the “Mint Tea” thread but here it is as it is applicable here. If you have a health store nearby, you might enjoy “Burts Bees Pepermint Breath Drops”. If nothing else you’ll have fresh breath. The ingredients are all natural. I put ten drops into a cup of Pepermint dreams last nite and i did recal 3 dreams. I usually only have two that are remembered…I’ll try again tonight.


Bursts bees pepermint breath Drops…wow what a title to introduce a candy lol for fresh breathe lol :smile:

But ehm we dont have such things here i think (netherlands) hmm
I know a shop in amsterdam…in fact two shops that have all fresh herbs…
so ehm i look there :wink:


ey jeff could u tell me where to find these shops :cool_laugh:

would like to know and take a peep there myself…


edit: thanx for telling me :smile:

I take them sometimes, but have never tried to link them to lucid dreams. Now that I think about it, I DID have better dream recall with them i believe…

I finally bought them myself…peppermint capsules pure peppermint oil.
No idea if it works…will wait a few days till the weed is out of my body more lol…else its a waste of time.
Could probably work stronger if you set you alarm 2 1/2 hours before waking …take the capsules and go back to bed.

:cool_laugh: At least you wake up with mint fresh breathe lol :cool_laugh:


Oh, sorry, I forgot to post my results.

Well, here’s what happened: I originally ordered some from a website called UK Supplements, but there was a huge delay with my order, so I cancelled and then the next time I was in Holland & Barrett I decided to buy some.

I actually didn’t notice any effect at all. I even took as many as about 6 in one go, but still nothing.

I had far more success with B12. Oh, by the way Jeff, I picked up some Folic Acid last time I was in H&B, so I’ll see if that helps too.

However, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for somebody else, so don’t be put off Jeff, it still might be worth trying. As you said, taking in after waking up early in the morning might help.

Thx ED!
Well ill c what it will do lol…wasnt expensive or so…so its always ok :happy:


If all the pill is is just dried mint leaves, we have mint plants growing all over the place in our back yard along with balm(I think its call that, tastes like lemon). So Im going to try a combination of the leaves tonight. See what will happen.

Good idea Vincent :smile:

I tried the capsules…contained only the oil and it did nothing :neutral:
So i guess the working substance is not an oil but a water soluble substance…so you need the leaves!

So now i will go and look for dried mint leaves lol


I ate a little less than a handful of fresh mint leaves last night right before I went to bed and my dream recall the next morning was awesome. I remembered 3 dreams. One of which was so vivid I could write pages about it if I wanted to.

:happy: Great to hear that!

Wonder what it does taken at a midday or afternoon nap?
Have to get it soon :smile:

Thx for experimenting VincentK :cool:


Yeah, I wondered that myself Jeff, when I bought them, but thought it would be okay. Looks like it’s not just me then. I saw some Peppermint Tea in H&B so maybe I’ll get some sometime.



Ed lol…its not just you…when i noticed it didnt do anything i tried lol all other capsules of peppermint oil 70 capsules…ehm it still did nothing at all!
But, that is still not bad because now we know its the leaves we need!
And that the substance is a water soluble substance to…so you can make easy good extracts from it to.


I bought some Peppermint Tea from my local health food shop today. 95p for 24 tea bags made from pure organic peppermint leaves.

I’ve had two mugs of it today - one in the afternoon and one just now right before going to bed.