perception, dream tv

i have never really experimented with this, but i did happen to come across a tv once when lucid, and i felt like seeing whats on tv in dream land
i could actually see land scapes as i changed channels thought it was really interesting.
then i had a idea, what if i tried climbing into the tv its self when i find a nice channel: dont ask me how, but i was able to go foward channels and back.
i choose a real nice landscape it was a huge area of a grassy plain.
then i started climbing into the tv, this was harder then i thought.
i had to worry about my legs and everything :wink: but my head was somewhat hard to get past the tv screen, reason is: my consciousness was expanding as my mind joined the scene, it was really intense, the colours coming alive as i moved in more and more.
and i fell outter the sky into this cool new land.
i dont know who else has experimented using tv’s. but the idea of being able to alter my perception has really opened doors for me.
what are someother awesome things i could do to alter my conscious perception???

There is an old topic about this
Entering Your TV

it’s an old topic so i didn’t merge them together.

yes dream tv is interesting

though i often switch between third and first person in video games and tv shows it is not a deliberate conscious choice

i used to have mega amensia sitting in NREM dreaming about playing video games, then being a part of them in REM

they were rather boring, usually Super Metroid

so many chances for lucidity there

dreams are a time portal you can remember on dream which causes you to remember another until you remember them all in a flurry of typing and recall and they link you together to show you who you are

I am remembering two archaic ones right now .

most of my dreams about tv are about cartoons and the characters represent portions of my personality and the personalities of those I know.
Rugrats is very good to dream about, and interesting.

WAVE hihi acillis!!

funny thing that you would bring this up because just yesterday I had a TV experience.

One TV had a group of people walking around in it and I reached my hand into the TV, connected with the one character and pulled him through into the dream world I was in. He held onto other peoples hands and as he was pulled through so was the rest of the group. They thanked me and ran off.

A few moments later I found another TV that was much smaller and I tapped the screen with my finger and the characters inside turned and looked at me. weird huh?

but on topic; to what you can do to alter your conscious perception?!? hrns… thinks scratches head

I’m afraid I don’t have a direct answer for that one, I believe it’s unique unto the individual to find awesome things that alter their conscious perception.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by altering you conscious perception. In what way? Making colours brighter? Or do you mean something more like consciousness expansion? You could try using dream drugs. It’s had some weird effects on me, my “preceptions” were altered, if you are to liken it to a waking sort of experience. In a dream it’s really just the dream imagery that changes, along with other sensations.
But more along the lines of consciousness expansion is a time when I simply stopped and looked, which made everything much more vivid, and I was much more aware. This simple act of taking it all in, put me in a different state of mind and it felt more real.

As for entering a screen, I dreamed I was in a place, then the dream changed to me playing a computer game of the same place, I was lucid, and focused on going into the scene again instead of playing, and the computer part of the dream went away and I was just there. You don’t have to climb through, you just have to concentrate.

sooooooooooooo many things to do in LD’s! GOd! i hope i get one soon :smile: it is soo cool like wow! we can do anyting and entering tv’s in a song wud be AMAzing!!! :content: