Perfect Dream Place

hey i got this great idea…i love the crossroads and all(may b uv seen the post i made be4 about it…sry bout that i was exited lol)but i dont feel like waiting a year or whatever till the new one comes out and anyway there r some things i like and some i dont.i dont actually care 4 the shared dreaming part at all.anyway without using a 3D graphic program or anything…just my imagination i was gonna make my own place 2 go at the start of every LD i would b super sweet it would have everything. anyway i was ondering what everyone would have at their perfect dream spot. i want it 2 have everything thats cool so please post any good ideas u have and may b if u want u could make ur own 2.anyway it would be in a location like the crossroads cuz i already have a good picture of that in my mind.please post anything u think of…thanx a bunch :wink:

Okay… but I can’t guarantee that your idea of “cool” is going to match up with mine! Consider that a warning! :tongue:

  1. A water source of some kind. Ideally a vast expanse of misty, turbulent ocean churning against high cliffs, but canals are nice, too, as are waterfalls. Not swimming pools, though, unless they’re huge and curving with hidden tunnels, waves and a hot-water bubble feature. :content:

  2. A man-made structure of some kind. Doesn’t have to be big, doesn’t have to be modern. A simple bark hut would do, but usually I prefer something much more elaborate and original, like the hollowed-out inside of a tree, or a secret underground laboratory.

  3. A good blend of the natural world and the artifical. Too much of the former is far too isolated and boring. Too much of the latter is ugly. Again, this is where I’d suggest a small cliffside/beachside town with good views.

  4. Decent weather - ie, not sunny all the time. I love a good overcast day, if not rain. Everything seems so much more mysterious and exciting when it’s a little darker. Likewise, at night time you can’t go past beautiful starlight and a few well-placed lanterns or electric lights. For me, it’s all about getting that sort of twilighty halfway-feeling.

Hmm, that’s all I can think of for now. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll let you know.

I’ve been thinking and thinking…Yeah I agree with storm it has to be high up on a cliff or something next to a forest…But a part of it in permanent night would be good maybe the natural part with tall trees to fly over. I don’t really go for a lot of scientific stuff…but yeah water would be good and just someplace to meet people and hang out, also a place to choose to be alone…gonna keep thinking on it

Heres a list of things I’d have in my perfect dream place.

  1. It’d be an Island
  2. There would be a big waterfall
  3. During the day I want a second sun (once had a dream with 2 suns and it looked really nice)
  4. During the night there’d be a full moon and lots of stars
  5. Thered probably be a lot of other details but I cant think f those without being there.
  1. A hanger/garage. With cars, motorbikes, planes and UFO’s.

  2. A dream pet or two (hm… a pet dragon).

  3. In the sky, would hang two moons and a planet (with rings like Saturn).

  4. A swiming pool (walk on water. Breathing under water is really cool as well).

  5. Servents?

There’s a spectacular city that I dreamed once (where my 1st LD occurred) and I wish to go back there.

I think that my perfect dream place would one that is constantly shifting. Like one night it could be a forest with deer and other wildlife. and the next a desert with a giant pyramid a ways off. All ways I would like to have a new way of using my dream powers. Maybe flying to the top of the pyramid and sliding down. That to me would be perfect. Either that or something I create myself.

My ‘dreamplace’ which I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit is quite simple;

It’s a small planet, like a moon, a small moon which you can run around in like a few minutes. The moon is covered in the greenest grass, about 8 inches tall. There are no clouds in the sky, so you can see right out in space. There’s only one planet visible from the moon, a large red lava planet inhabited by dragons :smile:
I did actually draw it one time, but I haven’t got the picture on my computer any more though.

I’ve once dreamed about a small village, on the top of a hill, where u could see the ocean. It was more like a montain by the ocean, and it had small houses all around a firebond in the middle of everything. From the top of it u could see the waves crushing in the rocks, the wind was realy hard but not too could. It felt like a realy simple life, but i felt so happy with that kind of life. I always wanted to return there, with no sucess.
I also think about some other places, like a clearing in the middle of a very green forest, with a well our something around, a lot of sounds and things around it. I realy enjoy the dreams where i pay atention the my surroundings, because they are usually very interesting.

I find it hard to make decisions so I would like to have as much of everything as possible available. I have thought about it before and had a pretty neat idea. The place should be an island. really big ofcourse. And the enviroment is kind of divided into extremes in the corners. seen from above the temperature is cold in one end and hot in the other on one axis. On the other axis it is dry in one end and humid in the other. This makes possible a mix of different climates. Desert in one corner and icy tundra another, and rainforest in yet another. Also, the centre is a mountainous area with a huge mountain in the middle, and ofcourse by the sea is the lowlands, also scaling.
In this setup, the vegetation is regional, and all kinds of places exist, with all kinds of creatures and peoples, in the most suitable area on the island. They are inspired by existing cultures, with room for new made up ones. There should probably be lots of underground places, and smaller islands surrounding the big one. I’m also thinking that at the top of the huge mountain is a cool Buddhist temple, and it is also a good starting point for the dream.

The Sky:
Day time: multiple suns, changing color of sky, eclipses.
Night time: planets, galaxies, stars, shooting stars, rockets.

needs a good view, artificial and natural.

needs to be vast, maybe either completely still or very turbulent.

needs to be objects in the background.

needs to be many DCs to talk to.

needs to have different objects to toy with.

  1. Own a city (call it whatever you want)
  2. You could have a house that has all your previous dreams and future dreams in it.

i thought about this for the LONGEST of time. heres what i came up with. :smile:
1.(house) i have ALWAYS wanted a castle. a nice victorian castle. the place would be lit up with torches and laterns. also, the entrance would be protected by two black panthers.
2.(outside)the grass would always be green, no matter how hot it is outside. the sky would have no sun. just a giant glowing circle that changing a diffrent color according to dream time. (ex: 1:00 it would be purple, 2:00 it would turn white)
also,when the time changed, a giant bell in the sky would chime. at night, the northern light would be in the sky, and fantastic creatures would crawl out of the forest the surrounds my castle. finnaly, there would be a water fountain next to the castle on one side, a waterfall on the other, and a gate that leads to the place, which can appear and be opened at anytime during a dream