perfect lucid dreams?

If i could have just one realistic wish it would be to have 100% lucid dreams with 100% memory and 100% clarity lol
does anyone know if this is possible? or do u infact have this and what is it like?

2 days ago I had my highest lucid dream. It seemed as realistic as the real world. It was snowing, and I could actually feel every snowfalek on my bare skin (I had no shirt on) and I felt the cold. It was really weird, I was jsut amazed how realistic it can be. Oh, and I remembered the whole dream :smile:
Theres one example how high can LD be :content: :wink:

when ever i have a lucid dream, its like reading a story… i know everything that happened and how i felt at the time, i can even remember some feelings like pain or hot and cold but never pictures or sound :sad: