Perfect state


I’m pretty sure this isn’t just a new thing, but i’ve just become aware of it, and don’t know what to call it, or how to get into it more often.

What i’m talking about is that state where you are neither asleep nor awake. Where you can imagine anything, and you can see, hear and feel it, but still have your senses in RL. Where either waking or sleeping is a choice that you can make.

i have no idea if this state is a thing, and if not what to call it,
and if so, how do i get into it more easily,
coz it is awesome :tongue:

with practice :smile: sounds like a similar state of mindfulness as well, do some research there you might find some answers worth following

What kind of search terms do you recommend?

This happens, but it is rare, at least for me. I used to call it “deep daydream” or “deep fantasy”, because it is usually induced by visualising for a long time while keeping my body still at night. It is probably related to HI or sleep stage 1, or maybe it is a separate alpha or theta state. It is anyway rare, and I experience this only a few times in a year.

I’ve often had the distinct impression that the deep relaxation and abandon reached upon moving into a WILD just might be achievable while wide awake and moving about my day. I’ve heard of such a thing…regarding premium dreamers who can enter into a dreaming state at will at any moment during the day! Sounds pretty insane to me, but I wonder. I’m doing well to just cultivate and sustaine a little inner silence throughout the day…and occasionally see that silence kind of “melt” the presumed solidity of “reality” in my waking consciousness :smile:

Research Mindfulness, its a practice and with a bit of focus you might be able to increase your HI state making it easier for WILD or any other form of deeper meditation. :smile: let me know if you get stuck.

:smile: Yes, I’ve been practicing mindfulness for many years now, though I don’t call it anything other than progressively become aware…aware of awareness. The issue for me is simply that I’m a “hard case”, as they say. I’m like, the exact opposite of “a natural”. My default state is so utterly prone to distraction and preoccupation that it’s ironically hilarious that “mindfulness”, for lack of a better term (have to confess, I don’t like the term…but it’s what people know it by, due to influences from Buddhism), is the only thing in my life…ever…that I’ve felt a consistent compulsion to practice. Every other thing I’ve ever “put my mind to” I’ve become disinterested in and dropped. Even friendships and social interaction I’ve dropped categorically…simply because there’s not interest in the “content” of social interaction. My only remaining interest…is, ironically, the one that I’m the least suited for LOL! Pursuing pure…clear…unobstructed awareness :smile: I cannot help but to go for it, all day long…even though I forget to remember almost constantly…all day long :smile: I just figured it’s kind of a funny joke…b/w me and Infinity. I’m over being angry about it…now I just laugh.

But thank you…for the reminder to “mindfulness”. It’s what I want…nothing more…nothing less…in the daily dream and in dreams at night. It’s my heart’s desire. Here’s to hoping against the seeming inevitability of unrequieted love :razz:

I have this ‘state’ when i’m very tired and just woke up. Idk if that is the key to it to be very tired or half asleep but it’s amazing :happy: