perhaps my theory masterpiece

I’ve recently heard of this new time travel model and I wrote my logical thoughts on it. I want to know what your takes are on it. It’s at … -dumb.html

When you say - a sudden creation of matter - do you actually mean creating matter from nothing because if you did then you’d be violating a rule of physics and the universe’s density would increase.

Anyway, I don’t think I’m sure if I understand correctly. Can you please elaborate on the part about matter resembling the time traveler.

I was refering to teleportation in general. if you can create an exact copy of what you were sending at a different place, that’s teleporting. Or at least another version of it.

Wouldn’t say your theory is fullproof…

Who said you have to disintegrate someone to send them through time? A doorway through time wouldn’t necessarily require you to mess with atom arrangements.

If timetravel is possible and it is possible to interact with the past, the only logical conclusion I can think of is that if you move back, you are basically creating another branch of reality. Believe there is a quantum theory model for this.

If it is an exact copy of the person travelling, it would be time travel. But in your loophole it would seem to be just the information that is travelling in time. But I wouldn’t say it is time travel for that person. Because he also exists in the past(or future).

Imagine you have a machine that can make an exact copy of you. You walk into it, and turn on the machine, and out of a box close to you, a copy of yourself arrives. Now, if this other you comes over to you and tells you to kill yourself, would you do it? After all, you are already there, so wouldn’t matter. Or would it…?

What I am saying is that you created a duplicate of yourself that travelled into the past. You wouldn’t experience any of it. Although if you can do this both into the past and future, the duplicate of you could create another machine to go back to the future to tell you. Or would he be able to…? I mean, if he goes back in time and creates another branch of reality, he wouldnt only have to go into the future, he would have to find the exact branch that he left from.

On another note, I read recently in New Scientist about photons not only entangling in space, but also in time.

This speculation is based soley on the specified model. It says that you cannot go to the past unless it agrees with it. thus it is impossible without my (or, if there is another one, that one) loophole.

like I said, that is assumeing that this model is correct.

Well, does not sound like it is of much use then for travelling in time. I mean, what could you do there that wouldn’t affect the future in some way? It smells like bullocks to me, if they mean you can actually go to the past, but ‘something’ prevents me from doing certain things in the past, because that would affect the future.

For instance, if I wanted to go back to kill my mom or dad, something would stop me, either a meteorite, an angry mob, a mauling bear or whatever. I agree it is a stupid theory if that is what they mean.

O how I wish I could go back in time. I would fix so much stuff that has happened. Do you guys ever feel that way? I’ve always thought to myself just what if I could go back and change what I know now I shouldn’t have done, or I mean I could even try to stop other people from beeping up their family or life.
U know?
sorry I can’t really get more technical like you guys have been talking cause im sleepy, just thought I would share that thought, it’s really something to think about, I do all the time.