persistence method

this combines two notions:
what is called chaining, rem surfing, etc, that is: refusing to move after waking up


sleep interruption

when the mind falls asleep and one refuses to move, one wakes back up after a period of time. if this is not true for you then this method may not work

so what do we do when we wake up after falling asleep? we fall asleep again. and again. and again. and again. and what do we do that keeps us from dreaming? we roll over

refusing to roll over after waking from dream lets us go back to dream, and refusing to roll over from sleep lets us go back to sleep

so here is what you need to do, you need to go to bed in a persistent state of mind, one that won’t give up

sleepy enough to go to bed real quick, but not MENTALLY TIRED at all

now the only thing you need to focus on is DO NOT ROLL OVER , pick your sleeping position and stay in it and refuse to roll over

this seems easy but its really really hard, your body will convince you to do it, but you have to say NO I WON’T!

so what do you do then? You will sleep for a few hours, or at least one hour, and then you will just think to yourself, boy i have to roll over

so if you think that, then it means you are awake AND you are going to go into REM soon but if you roll over you will not go into a lucid dream you will lose awareness and fall asleep

so at this point GET OUT OF BED

and walk around, and meditate, or read something, for a little bit, until you feel like you can lie back down in the same sleeping position and this will cause you to go into SP and have an instant WILD

if it doesn’t make sense then its probably not for you, you have to be a light sleeper that dozes off and wakes back up a lot before you even have a single dream

this happens because to just go straight into SP from being wide awake would cause people to freak out, so the body makes you toss and turn a lot (whether you realize it or not) before it starts dreaming, making sure your mind is completely doped out and unaware of everything that is happening

if you refuse to roll over… ever not even one time, then instead of waking up from dreaming, not knowing where you were and only have a dim awareness, you will find yourself lying in bed, wide awake, inside your body, with it telling you ROLL OVER AND MOVE and you say NO NO I WON’T

so this makes the mind very very alert, and you either lie there until you go into SP, or you get up and stretch, because what people do when they sleep is they are conscious when they roll over, but only for a few seconds or a minute, then they go into NREM followed by REM

but if they refused to roll over then its more like they are now meditating, so they tell the body NO I WON’T and then the mind stays wide awake because it is very very aware of the body’s signals to MOVE which is a trick to get us to not notice going into SP

like if you are staring at someone who is sleeping, and you want them to get up, but you don’t want to wake them up, just wait for them to roll over and then talk to them and they will talk back maybe still asleep talking in their sleep but they will be easy to get up from this state of mind without being too tired and cranky

whereas if you are just like HEY it will disturb them

Can somone be to alert when laying on back. I find myself on night that I can pratice being still not rolling over for 45 mintues or more and can only get hafe way with it all. I’m not sure if its my mind thats stoping me or my body this stoping me from going all the way.

Hrms. I usually wake-up \ roll over 4-5 times a night. Perhaps I will try this do not move theory once I wake up. See what happens. Looking forward to seeing what happens, and I will post my results.

Thanks for sharing


hm. I notice that I tend to roll over all the time. I’ll have to try this.

yeah its tricky the mind comes up with good reasons to roll over

it’s like “come on rolling over feels so good, everyone else is doing it” you have to be like NO !!! :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: :grrr: and perservere til the end lol

i’m still waiting for myself to be disciplined enough to do this

the highest thing is to get up and meditate instead of rolling over.