Persistent false memories

I have noticed that not only dream locations and dream characters can come back from dream to dream, but also false memories. Some of these can be quite persistent, to the point where I still believe them for a few moments after waking up. The ones that come up most often are:

-I have left a boat at my parents’ house, and suddenly remember that it is there

-A certain, famous author is a LD4all member

-I have planted flowers in the forest, especially around my parents’ house

-My mother has cancer (this one is disturbing until I remember that it is false)

-I have used multiple accounts in a game or on a site, and will be banned for it

Do you have recurring false memories like these? Have you been able to successfully become lucid from recognising them?

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Robert Waggoner is among us :o

Yes. I often dream that there’s a broken bridge near my house and I feel like I am going to fall into the river. I have never seen it broken IRL.
The last time I dreamed about it and I got lucid was… LAST MORNING.

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