Persistent nightmares since beginning lucid dreaming

Hello all,

So I’ve known about lucid dreaming for a long time and this is not first time trying to learn, but it is my first attempt in several years. I’ve been doing WILD / MILD / keeping a dream journal / etc. for about two weeks now (no WBTB because my schedule requires me to be up at 5am four days a week and I’m incapable of sleeping before around 11pm) and pretty much every single night since I’ve started, I’ve had really, really bad dreams.

I don’t usually get nightmares and I’ve never gotten them in such direct correlation with a lucidity attempt, so I’m just wondering if it is in fact related, if this has happened to anyone else, and if so, is there a way of dealing with it? I’m not very good at all this, I haven’t quite got lucid yet, even though my dreams are getting more and more vivid as I keep a journal.

The problem with that, of course, is that my dreams are still nightmares so now I get these incredibly detailed, horribly gory dreams that I just CANNOT remember to RC in.

Any suggestions?

I don’t get nightmares much,but from what I read,just try to remember it is all in your mind.Like,remind yourself during the day.Maybe you will start realizing it is not real in your nightmares.
Good luck.

I don’t get nightmares too often, but when I do I almost always realize that they’re so. Now I don’t always have control of them, but I do sometimes.

The only advice I can give you is to try to find out what’s giving you these nightmares. Review your DJ and look for connections.

You could also try to use your persistent nightmares to your advantage. If you could come to recognize them as nightmares you could become lucid like I tend to when I have a nightmare. Obviously control is another story. Sometimes my nightmares are so bad that I intentionally try to wake myself up as fast as possible.

That’s all I could think of. Good luck.

There could well be a link between the lucidity attempts and your nightmares. Lucid dreaming opens up new neural pathways and can make emotions have a greater impact upon your dreams. When I started a dream journal for the first time I had some atypical nightmares and some very scary sleep paralysis episodes. I persevered - the bad dreams stopped and I started having lucid dreams. I would advise you to stick with it. Also, regularly say to yourself during the day ‘If I get scared I will do a reality check’. Good luck.

Okay thanks guys! They have actually been starting to go away, I still haven’t managed to get lucid yet though :sad:
You were all super helpful though, I did manage to get them to go away a couple of times while I was in them, even though I wasn’t lucid (once actually by asking a dream character, a horned demon that was following me around), so maybe just autosuggestion was enough! I’ll certainly keep all this in mind for future reference.

Thanks again!

Close your eyes and give whatever’s threatening you a hug. It’ll hug you back and turn into something much more mundane. Works erry time, including changing scenery.

Remember, lucid or not whatever happens in your dreams will be what you expect to happen so you can trip nightmares up with that sort of thing.