Personal Experience

It has almost been a month since I had my first lucid dream. I had 3 after that so far.
I have tried many different ways going to sleep and different waking times.
I found the only way I could have a lucid dream is by sleeping for 6 hours straight and then waking for one and going back to sleep. Each time I went back to sleep I repeated “Im Dreaming”.
I next month my goal is to have 8 lucids. Any Suggetions?

the WBTB is definitely the technique that works for me as well. probably 80% of my lucids are when I’ve gotten up and gone back to bad. i just started recently getting myself seriously into LDing, and i’ve gotten up after 6 hours of sleep and stayed up for an hour for the past 2 nights. both nights i realized i was dreaming, but they weren’t that great LD’s :sad:

as for suggestions… are you asking for suggestions on what to do in your LD’s? or something else? if so, you should try to do things that you’ve tried to do but have been unable too in the past… so you can learn it for future LD’s. things like flying, going through walls, transporting to a destination, etc. could be included in this category. you can also fulfill fantasy roles from movies, books, etc. then you’ve always got exploring and talking to dream characters.

sorry if that’s not suggestions you wanted :eh:… umm hope it was :smile:. well, hope you have plenty more luck in your future LDs and have even more than 8 LDs next month! cya fdroy :smile: !