Pessimism / Optimism

The source of all fear and negativity
comes from a pessimistic mind
which does not trust the universe

all thoughts may come from trauma,
examining those which are in the mind, shows us what we believe to be true

those heavily shrouded in delusion do not understand that if they no longer believed something was true, they would believe it to be false, thus, cling, in fear, to their beliefs and brandish them as sword and shield

the cause of all conflicts is the mind and the ego which is unwilling to take in new perspectives

this is caused by the inertia of thought-stream movements

when a soul is at - ease it is at rest, and it does not have dis-ease
therefore it has no thoughts except as delayed reactions to experiences of pleasure

sensation precipitates thought and vice versa

no need for order or reason

it is then when a soul is not at ease that thoughts create ritualistic actions could be deemed OCD problem behaviors and these rituals like religions are clung to to avoid some sort of fear

meditation is the dissolution of thinking so that one is naturally happy and at peace

and this leads one gradually to the body of bliss

bliss is a constant, and every thought and emotion and feeling is like beaver wood in the stream damming the bliss until it is dry

and the result is a deluded human who looks outside rather than inward for happiness

and this overstimulation can only result in the further atrophy of the human soul

it is not doing anything that brings pleasure rather, it is pleasure that brings pleasure, and novelty that brings novelty

it is doing things WHILE being happy and content, blissful, or neutral, that makes things rewarding, it is not the things themselves

therefore, examine the mind, what is constantly being thunk creates your waking experience, if you believe that police are jerks you will hate them, so you will never have good experiences, and only suffer

now, it is very hard, how do i love police, how do i forgive scarlet-letterman, how do i love what i fear, when I am demonically posessed by some form of negativity?

the answer is meditation and reflection and insight

with a clear mind there is no such thing as “police” they are just “cars” and “people” with “guns” so you can do 85 mph and they won’t pull you over, because you don’t fear them because the universe is friendly / the cops are always out to get me i always get tickets man swear words created by fear + anger

another instance

"disease is absurd, i am always healthy " / “oh my god that person just sneezed I know I’ll get a cold”

what needs to be seen is that reality is just computer programming language held together by thoughts and this is what society is

to think for yourself is to wipe the slate clean and start over

so if you feel bad about something

or fearful

then its just a lie because, how can it be true , when there is no truth? there is not truth only lies

thoughts lies

thinking… lies

so when you stop thinking,that’s freedom and truth
and you are just chilling out

being, happy

and you are your own authority

so be your own authority

you don’t need to have other people tell you what why when and how to do it

whatever it happens to be

so then

understand it in the right way.

every thought is either useful or hurtful

either angelic or demonic

either positive or negative

and thoughts are generally not under our control, so we have to practice each day, to LOOK at the thoughts, directly, as they come up and see them.

and put good ones there

in other words

choose the glass that is half full. and fill it all the way.

hold fast to that which is good
make life beautiful

because it is

how can you NOT have peace ?

be very careful what you read, watch, write, think, the media you use, it all creates YOU , your personality, who you hang out with, what they act like, what they think about the world

find people that are awesome and know that they can do whatever they want because the universe is friendly

stay away from negative vibrations and vibrate higher.

now how do we deal with the painful emotions ?
we recognize they aren’t true
we affirm that they aren’t true
we drink enough water
we breathe very deeply
and we look and see how we have come to have these beliefs, which cause painful emotions

only positive thoughts are true.