Philsophers Cloud

OMG what happened to it? Where is our philosophers cloud!?
Did an angry mob come and shoot down the clouds? Was there an argument too big it exploded? I want answers :eek: :content:

It rained down in the lounge.


/me :hugs: VisionDreamz and gives him a piece of bottled cloud :content:

Worry not. :smile: Word has is that the winds are bringing new clouds to the horizon soon. :seer:

The cloud was shut down and some topics were moved to the lounge.

frantically pops the cap off of the bottle and drinks in the steamy cloud

:eek: I look forward to some more clouds ! The sun is burning me ! :grin:

/me :hugs: Viziondream

All these hugs…
I feel so supported! :cry:

But why are the clouds gone? (jack sparrow voice)