Some changes around the forum

After many weeks (months maybe even :tongue: ) of planning it will now happen, there will be a change in the lucidity subforums.

The move will take place in the coming days, starting this saturday.

The lucidity related forums at the top of the board will change name and focus.


  1. First steps to lucidity
  2. Quest for lucidity
  3. General Lucidness
  4. Lucidity Tools
  5. Lucid Adventures.

This will be changed to:

  1. Quest for lucidity:
    Focused on starting to get lucid; beginners questions.
    it’s actually a bit like the First steps forum.

  2. Pathways to Lucidity
    This is the forum focused on how to attain lucidity: techniques, tools, ways of living, everything that has to do with becoming lucid. The basis is the old Quest for Lucidity Forum, the Tools forum is merged into this.

  3. General Lucidness
    this one stays how it is.

  4. Lucid Adventures
    This will become a forum to discuss all things to do while lucid. The current Quest will stay as an announcement at the top of the forum, it will have a sticky “All LD4all Quests” (with links to the previous Quests), and the sticky “Quest suggestion topic”. It will be open for members to post new topics, rather than just reply to existing ones (like it is now)
    Added discussions are things like: how to fly, how to prolong lucidity, how to teleport, fun things to try in a LD, how to summon people, BIG Fav thing to do in a LD topic, etc.

additionaly, the Philosopher’s Cloud will evaporate and all the philosophers will have a safe landing in the Lounge, so we have only one big off topic forum.

So do not be confused if a topic is suddenly moved or you can’t find a forum anymore.

Some forums might be locked while we move posts around, but other forums stay open, so please be patient :smile:

YEY! More logical sub-forums! :hurray:

Sounds good to me.

I agree also. But there is one thing that bothers me a bit : names. New Quest for lucidity. It mess up with old the Quest for Lucidicy, that is step above the new one.

Altrough I fully agree that this change will put more logic in forum. Great idea Q :thumbs:

yes, but the old Quest for Lucidity will have a new name. I know this can be confusing at first. The mod team will move all, or at least most posts into the new appropriate forums, and the new forum descriptions will also make clear what the purpose of each forum is :smile:

Then im :hyper: waiting for changes :content:

Sounds cool :cool: It will take a while for me to get used to it but I am sure that it will turn out good.

This might be a bit shock for me :meh:

The LD subforums is more than great :smile:

But Ill miss the lovely cloud :cry:

/me gives Petter some Cloud-In-A-Bottle TM to keep :smile:

The cloud discussions can still take place but they will be in the lounge :smile: everything that’s now in the cloud will be found in the lounge, so nothing is lost.

/me thanks Q

/me puts bottle inside his jacket

/me isnt that sad anymore, after all it stays in the lunge :smile:

I think that the Philosopher’s Cloud area should stay.
There is no reason that it should go.
but thats my personal opinion.

the phil discussions used to take place in lounge so they are just returning there, nothing will be lost. Plus members won’t have to wait to join the cloud user group anymore before posting.

Was that suposed to be “a new Quest…”?! :tongue:
Loved the changes, BTW

What about people who want to be part of a usergroup and joined the cloud? Do we get a new group?

“Wanted to be a member of something” group?

Oooo nice point; Q could the Philosopher’s group be kept for no apparent reason? Just so we have a (weird) memory of the Cloud? :tongue:


Just last night I had a dream in which you were making some changes to the forum, Q. :nuu:

Where’s the Philospher’s Cloud? :nuu: :nuu:

Never mind, I didn’t read the first post carefully enough. :tongue: I think it makes sense to merge the two forums. :grin: :cheesy:</BB edit>

SAME ! lets keep that as a grave-beer of the cloud :grin:

Bit late. Seems to have gone already. :sad:

sorry, it’s already gone…

Sorry, but I have to be honest and say that I don’t think it was a good idea at all to merge the Cloud with the Lounge. It’s a lot more messy now, and it doesn’t make sense that discussions about existential problems should be in the same forum as everyday topics such as Anybody play golf? and Lost (the tv series). It’s not that I dislike these kinds of discussions, it just feels weird and confusing to have them all in the same place, together with broader and heavier topics like that of whether there’s life after death or not, for instance.

Otherwise, I’m very happy about the changes. I missed a forum about general LD discussions before, so I welcome the General Lucidness forum with open arms.