Photo gallery - Part 17 (ex alphabetical)

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alright then…a new pic of me from earlier this summer

btw : noticed that Contage’s pics 2 and 3 are dead links.

Sure why not.

Taken a few days ago:

nice picture: it has the whole patota. i’m, of course, the one with the weird, sinister smile, on the right. (note to gallery keeper - please don’t index).

Me before going off to a house party =D

/me walks in and glares at everyone.


Go ahead and put it under BlissfulBlues. Only those who know my true name are allowed to see my photo. :tongue:

Okay, could I get you to take down picture 1 of me because it is way outdated. I’ll be posting some more in a day or two.

sinister , thats the word for it :lol:
i notice many ppls foe-toes are quite dark …
nice style cresun , (remnds me f a ““certain”” fictional character :tongue: )

Nice pic, Sonia! very cute!haha

So… I got a new camera and I was playing with it so I wasn’t use to the whole focusing thing, so I’m a bit blurred BUT thats okay. I’ll put it on here anyway. :grin:

made into a link … it was much too big
1600px x 1063px and 959.54 KB :moogle:

As promised here are the links:

These can be posted on the 1st post alphabetical gallery

Well, I suppose it’s time for me to put up a few of me…

Trying to sleep on a car ride :tongue: .

More later, I guess. Gotta cut loose with the digicam, and get some more up to date pics.

fictional character?

who? :tongue:

Well … I’m a Dark SiDer , i man ld4all member … so who could i possibly mean :rofl:
Lucidity master : where on earth (or off it … ) is that waterfall ?
(on the danger of getting hit with a club … u look like somebodys dad :happy: )

That waterfall is at the end of a hiking trail in Washington state (actually I lied, I think its actually on the Oregon side of the Columbia. Some of the trails out there are just unbelievably pretty.

:huh: You look scary, scary similar to this guy I know.

It’s about time I added my own. :tongue: It’s a low-quality snippet, but I don’t have many nice pictures on my current jump-drive.

That’s funny! For some reason, you look a bit familiar as well (though that’s probably just a psychological thing, for me).

Argh… My problem is that I can’t find any pics on my computer (or facebook, for that matter) where I actually look serious/composed :tongue: . So instead, I offer a nonsensical one where I look delightfully idiotic, and probably a bit deranged. Serious pics eventually, folks.

Aren’t I so gosh-darned sneaky? (By the way, the Box of Shame [in my hands] is the greatest invention ever. Just think about it ).

Whoa, that’s a bit harsh… they’re not bad at all! (I share your perspective on personal pics, though; I hate every snapshot that’s ever taken of me. I’m only posting pics as a reference for other Chroniclers.)

The one in the middle is me(i’m a dude-_-)
In my right:LIZARD MAN!
And in my left,my good and bald friend,Luke;p

And here is another one…

About that pose…it’s just not me…:sad:

Here ya go.
A new one.

when i was but a 15 year old…

crazy hair :tongue: