Phototgraphic Memory, vivid dreams, and cure for insomnia

p.s to mods. do not put this in the lab. if it doesnt belong here move it. but i did not intend for it to be an experiment. just sharing my goals with everyone else.

ok there is more to this post than photographic memory an curing of what we all hate, insomnia, those are just the killing of 2 birds with one stone.

what i will be talking about is; Photographic memory, cure for insomnia, more clearer and vivider dreams, more lucidity, Speed reading, and dream recall. what will make all of these and more?! for short i will call it boosting your awareness.
now you might say “what is awareness?” well its when your conscious mind is actively concentrating on something. such as playing a video game, or homework ect. now boosting that awareness is simply having that state of mind whenever you want as much as you want for as long as you want.
let me explain. I think photographic memory and all the benifits of having a boosted awareness are obtainable, you dont have to be born that way. people who have photographic memory, are born that way but only because right from the start, they were aware of everything around them. so if we want that we have to take the time and effort to gain the perspective of mind.

so in order to boost your awareness. simply try to be aware of everything thats happening, and whenever you do something. do it to the fullest of your mind. when you want to remember, give it your fullest attention, and then just think “im going to need to recall this in the future” (dont need to think those words, just have it in your mind that you will need to remember them in the future) then stop thinking about it.
Speed Reading

ok to achieve this simply challenge yourself. the next time you read a book. dont read it like you usually do. dont say each individual word in your head like its a movie. instead act like your scanning the page for a certain word. but do it slower. look at the words, let them be proccesed in your mind, but dont actually READ it. do you get me? post SPEED R. at beginning if you want me to explain this again.

Photographic memory

in order to test yourself on how good at being aware of even the smallest details. take a 10 to 15 digit number. using only 1’s and 0’s. like this


then look at it for a couple seconds (until it feels right to you) remember you are challenging yourself. muscles dont get bigger form not getting tired.
then turn the paper over. recite the letters, dont just visualize what you saw, FEEL the numbers. let your mind understand them. then check if you got right. do it again. even if you didnt get it, try again.
when you get better start using more numbers and even letters.

Dream Recall, Vivid Dreams, Lucidity

all of these will come from just being aware.

  1. if you make it a habit of being aware all the time. you will be aware in your dreams, therefore remember them very well.
  2. if you are alway’s aware, and have a powerful visual skill (from photographic memory) and from using you mind alot. your dreams will be more vivid and more smooth.
    3.if you are aware of everything. then you will just realize that this is a dream.


ok the beginning of this especially, when trying to speed read. your mind will become mentally drained of energy. you will feel tired. but only because you are making your mind stronger. since your mind would be so wiped out from absorbing all of this information. it will be easy to drift into a deep sleep.
when i started doing this. the that night, i slept better than ever before. i even memorized 3 versus of scripture in 10 minutes.


if some of these techniques arent working for you. its probably because you think differently from me. these are my techniques i made for me and for what i understand. make your own techniques or expand on these ones.
i cant tell you everything i have thought about on this subject, that would take about another 100 pages.
so good luck. and post your success or questions.

I am currently doing this. and i will post my experiences/success in this topic

That’s nice!
I don’t have a photograpic memory like in remembering 10-15 digital numbers or words from page x to study for school, but since I practice some arts (drawing, photography, painting) I see things very visual. I can’t train my photographic memory cuz I have serieus concentration problems - and I guess i’m not the only one, so for those it’s a good thing to train the visual skills instead of training with numbers before you will get a headache (no kidding, my head hurts if I see to many numbers).

To me it sounds like a very good idea for those who -can- train it. I can’t but I don’t think I need it… I don’t want headaches because I want more vivid dreams. :tongue: I’m already very visual, I can remember very small details of a dream - it’s because of some details I can become lucid too.
So, to me it will not work - but I’m sure it can help for others. I can’t wait to see your results. :smile:

you dont need visualization to have good memory. you just need to learn to be aware. of even the smallest details around you. it gets tiring but no headache required. the numbers are just a way to test yourself to see how good you have gotten. its not something to practice. so justbe aware and you will get the results you are looking for

i like that method of reading !

ok so ive noticed i kinda have photographic memory. today i had a test. and i didnt know. so right before the test i looked at this diagram (of stars) and juts glanced at it. during the test, i remembered them. didnt ‘see’ them clearly but i did know hwat was there. so YAY!!

alright so im raising this topic from the dead.
so any kind of creative stuff you do in reall life will effect the dreams you have. let me explain
my friend who really like to draw. he has been drawing for a long long time. he makes little cartoons/anime from pencil and such. but the funny thing is. his dreams are in black & white! and he thought everybody dreams like that lol. but i think its cause he draws in pencil hence the black and white in his dreams.

I’m going to try this… I have horrid insomnia…

I highly recommend the “Kamana Naturalist Training Program”, written and designed by Jon Young and John Gallagher. link to vendor removed The basic premise is that by practicing awareness in nature and exercising our mind’s eye (aka phographic memory etc…), we can become more aware of nature, community, and ourselves. This increased awareness is a powerful thread woven through the naturalist arts. It is a combination course of books, journalling, reference materials, and an audio series. This description is very simplistic, but the program changed my life and has empowered me greatly over the last few years.

“The Kamana Naturalist Training Program is a four level independent study program that covers the naturalist background needed to engage in the wilderness arts, including tracking, bird language, survival and native living skills, traditional herbalism, and naturalist mentoring. It is the ultimate blueprint for a students’ time spent in the field and in conducting nature-related research. Students become confident naturalists, melding modern field ecology with the skills of a native scout.”

Thanks 1withwings. This will help with my Bio and History classes :content: . I showed my friend the insomnia curing part. He started speed reading and memorizing, and he said he slept so well he didn’t have to try to fall asleep.