Physical after effects of dreams vs. SP

Sometimes, when I wake up quickly directly from a dream, sensations or emotions from the dream can still be felt. I have heard many stories if people who have felt pain in a dream, only to wake up and still feel the pain. I have personally had dizziness, goosebumps, nausea and a lump in my throat carry over from a dream. It hit me while I was trying to sleep past night: These must be reflexes that aren’t affected by SP.

When we are in REM sleep, almost every muscle in the body is relaxed and paralysed, except the eye muscles. For an impression in a dream to have an effect on the physical body, the physical reaction can’t be affected by this paralysis.

It is very common to wake up from being startled in a half-sleep dream. I don’t know if we are already in sleep paralysis at that point, but the falling/slipping sensation in the dream certainly makes the body react. If it could be proven that we are in SP when this happen, it would also be proof for the fact that the startle reaction isn’t affected by SP.

A while ago, I had a very powerful dream where I heard music, which made all my hairs stand up from awe. When I woke up, I was covered in goosebumps. This was a very powerful dream and definitely REM sleep. The tiny muscles that control our hairs can’t be affected by SP.

Many people have reported that erotic dreams result in sexual arousal that is noticed when they wake up. This must mean that the muscles that are responsible for sexual arousal aren’t affected by SP.

I have woken up crying from very emotional dreams, some of them lucid, which would mean to me that they are definitely from REM sleep. Sometimes, my face has been so wet that I have obviously been crying while I was still sleeping. I don’t know exactly which mechanism in the body is responsible for crying, but it must be unaffected by SP.

Now I wonder which physical reactions and effects you have experienced while waking from a dream. Waking from a lucid dream is one way to make sure that it was a REM dream and that we would usually be in SP at this point.

When it comes to things like goosebumps and sensations, these would not be affected by sleep paralysis as they are not muscles.

Pain/pleasure is something created entirely in the mind, although normally it would be triggered by some kind of physical contact whether positive or negative, it still lies with the brain to determine what it is you should feel. Because sensations are created in the mind, it is possible to override them. I remember seeing a program many years ago that followed a woman who could block out pain without any medical aid, to the point she had some kind of surgery without anesthetic.

If blocking out pain is possible, then there is no reason it can’t work the other way, if a dream is particularly realistic the mind would be able to tick the body into thinking something really happened. Essentially, it is an extension of the placebo and nocebo effects.

I certainly have had experience with ghost pains on waking, in my case mostly negative with stabbings, being stung or bitten, being shot, and in one case breaking a bone. It was an imaginary be sting that too the longest to fade away, lasting nearly two hours.

When it comes to the other things, like goosebumps, I would think it is most likely the case that they aren’t affected by sleep paralysis as there is no reason for them to be. Sleep paralysis is intended as a safety mature to stop us from hurting ourselves or others during sleep, however hairs on our arms and blood flow to the genitals during erotic dreams isn’t a safety risk, so there would be little reason for paralysis to affect those areas. In the case of men, sleep paralysis to the genitals would actual be detrimental to us. The penile muscles aren’t just used for sexual reasons, but in the case of a full bladder, blood is diverted to some of the same muscles to stop accidental urination.

Most adult men that awake with erections most likely do so due to a full bladder rather than arousal reasons, though the erection may have inadvertently caused erotic dreams.

So to me, I don’t feel it is so much a case of can’t be affected, as it is there isn’t really a reason for them to be.

Eogillig, thank you for the mature and well thought through response!

I experimented with the temperature of my surroundings in a recent LD. I made myself feel very hot with hot water, and I was actually sweating when I woke up. I remember from my biology education, many years ago, how the body has different “circuits” in the nervous system, and how most of them aren’t consciously controlled. The response to heat and cold is handled by one of those pathways, if I remember correctly.

Last night, I had a dream where I was literally growling at another person, with my lips curled and showing my teeth like an animal. I woke up from making that same face IRL! Lips must be one of the first body parts to come out of SP.


i too have woken up with sensations, especially the electric vibrations after re-entering dreams…which dosen’t happen that often to me. though i was being terrified in the dream,and unaware i was dreaming, Could it be, that these sensations could have been the beginning of a transition (SP)to become lucid. (or OBE?) I often hear of these vibrations as similar to electric like sensations or was it just the physical affects of the fear, that woke me up? but that wouldn’t make sense, as i have been scared witless many times, and just woke up with no sensations :eh: either way it was odd.

I have also been stabbed by a syringe, in a dream, and waking up still feeling the pain of the jab,and could feel it every now and then for a few weeks after.

normally when i enter SP consciously, i can just about move my big toe :woo: although i may be just imagining it

It is incredible how many times while awakening I have found myself continuing physically in bed the last movement of my dream. Many times I have woken hitting or kicking an enemy literally. But the most admirable of all follows at the end of an extremely vivid RD that was so penetrating, that I can still sense the exact sensations and feelings:

As I am an architect IRL, I had to inspect a sea shore hotel in order to renovate it.
This hotel exists IRL, named ARGO after the mythical Jason and the Argonauts, as this name symbolizes survival at sea.
I visited the guests floors to check their current condition and there I found out that instead of regular cleaners making the rooms, a lot of provocatively dressed women were strolling. Some of them bent “accidentally” in front of me showing naked buttocks…
I was disappointed! That lovely hotel that I had visited so many times in my youth was now operating as a Brothel!
Really disgusted I fled towards the near by city.
I was only 50 meters away from the hotel when a roaring sound came from the shore. Turning back I saw a huge Tsunami approaching. I thought that immediate fleeing to the Hotel roof would certainly save me…
Enough time to climb the stairs!
But my inner voice spoke otherwise:
Yes! This Stone building ARGO can save your life …at the cost of your integrity as you will be joining prostitutes and their values becoming one with them!
No! Your deep urgency is to stabilize your position on Earth. Continue your personal path, no matter what the cost!
So I kept walking away from the ARGO awaiting the tsunami in absolute tranquility.
I anticipated approaching death happy that I could experience it in full awareness.
So I drowned…
Then instead of agony, a vertical blast of light sent me with rocket speed towards heaven.
Clouds of sparkling colors were viewed along my ascent…

…until I actually felt a warm mothers embrace to land me tenderly on my bed awakening me… I still feel the weight of my body as it was put to bed again, like an astral body returning!

A few days ago I woke up wriggling with my feet because I had such comfortable shoes in the dream. And when I was little, I more than once woke up with both my hands in front of my face, clutching at nothing, because I’d dreamed I read the newspaper. :neutral:

Got a feeling from dream sex. I felt the pleasure and excitement in my body even when I woke up.