Physical awareness while in LD

Hello everyone, I have a query to make.

When you have a LD with a relatively high level of lucidity, are you aware of your actual physical body? (As in, not your dream body, but your actual body in bed) Are you aware that you are actually lying down in bed while in the LD? And if you are, are you able to feel sensations from your body (Eg: Clock ticking) even while in the dream?

Though I only ever experienced one fully Lucid Dream. I think I can still answer, when I had it, if I moved like I normally would, the area I tried to move would send a shooting pain of extreme pins and needles around my body, but if I used my mind to move me, it wouldn’t affect me, also, your mind converts real-life sounds into dream sounds, say an alarm clock goes off whilst you’re heavily asleep, you will hear anything you associate with beeping in real-life.

Thanks for your reply,

What i meant is, when you’re in an LD, can you feel your presence in your room, say, your head on your pillow?

As for me, no, I can´t. All I can feel right then is my dream body and this doesn´t change until I wake up. Even when an LD becomes shaky and blurry it´s rather a one second to the next thing like snapping from my dream body back into my real body most of the time.

Yeah, you don’t feel your real-life body.

Oh I see. So basically, the only thing you’re aware of in a LD is that you’re dreaming, and your dream self is at some dream place. Nothing of the real world right?

Actually, there have been times for me during ND’s that I can feel my physical body but the dream is still playing out in my head…if that makes any sense.

I have had experiences in lucid dreams where i could feel my physical body. At least it appeared that way. I could be a part of the dream but times when I have woken up like that my body was in the same position. I haven’t heard outside stuff in a dream that I was aware of.

When my dream is fading and I am just beginning to wake up (in NDs too, not just LDs,) I feel my real body as well as my dream body for a short time, until I either wake up or get back fully in the dream.

This state is extremely temporary for me, BUT, I know others who say that in their high level LDs they can feel both bodies at once throughout the dream.

Usualy I have no idea what my physical body is doing while I’m in a LD. I usualy just hope its staying put in bed. :razz: Ocansionaly, as I’m waking, I do feel my physical body though.

Here’s a slightly aged topic about it:
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I’ve only ever felt my physical body in a dream once. I was lucid but I was waking up and fought hard to stay asleep.

I did briefly have awareness of my dream and my real body sleeping before I managed to pull myself back in the dream.

Not quite what you were asking, but if you want to read what was in my DJ for that specific part:

In all my experience, I’ve only ever felt my second body in my dreams. That is, my subconscious body. On occasion, I feel my body when in that state between lucid and awake. But usually, it’s just the dream self I feel.

If I had to guess, I’d say you would likely feel your ‘real’ body on the verge of a FA, or in lower level LD 's.

Just like some others I only feel my real body when I’m almost waking up. I only realise this in Lucid Dreams. I think that’s because I’m already aware of the fact I’m dreaming and the fact that I will wake up after a while. In a normal dream the change from dream to reality goes to fast to feel my body still in the dream. I’m not sure if that’s the explanation but that’s what I think.

When I feel my real body in a lucid dream it’s a sign for me that I’m waking up. Almost every time I feel like it’s too late to continue the dream by rubbing my hands or something similar. Maybe I should try this once, I wonder if I will still feel my real life body then.

Well, I think when you’re perfectly still, there’s much less in the way of stimuli telling you what you feel. During WILD attempts, I sometimes lose track of my hands, and I can’t tell what position they’re in unless I move them. The hallucinations from the dream can easily outshine the actual stimuli.