Physical dream injuries... real?

So had a dream yesterday night where I got my arm broken (ok that’s true arm broken in real life last month), a head injury (again real happened 2 months ago)… and got shot in back of my left shoulder ( never been shot or had any injury there) but 2 days later it still hurts and I’ve gained a round scar in the place the bullet ‘entered’ in the dream, and this scar looks at least a year old but never had a scar there before this dream… What do we think? I’m confused by it!

That’s strange… :eh:
My best guess would be that you got that scar, or whatever it might be, while you were dreaming, and the feeling leaked into the dream, causing you to be shot.
I kind of doubt that the dream alone can get you a scar.

Maybe your brain “believed” in your dream wound on your left shoulder, so your body reacted and tried to heal the “wound” causing a discreet scar to appear.

I don’t really know if this is possible, this is purely hypothetic.

For your pain, it’s “normal” for you to have this, even if you do not physically suffer.

Are you sure it’s a scar and not a bruise? Here’s my theory, when we dream things our body things are completely real, our body mimics these signs. The injuries you have IRL that appeared in your dream most likely appeared because you already had them, the bullet wound scar is the concern.

For me, I know that when I have nightmares I wake up feeling the pain of wherever I got hurt in dreams. Sometimes this pain so real it won’t fade until well after I’ve woken, sometimes not until after I’ve fallen asleep again. In some cases I have woken up with bruises that have totally no other explanation then “I walked into a wall in a dream”.

As noobdreamer said, it is entirely possible you got hurt during your sleep and so the action was mimicked in your dream, or you previously had the wound and never noticed until then. As said, you would be surprised what the placebo effect in dreams can have.

It is possible that this scar happened regardless and you just accidentally noticed it because of the pain.

It is also possible that your brain was trying to rationalize a pain you already felt in the shoulder during the dream (for whatever reason).

Either that or you were abducted by aliens… :grin: