Physical Elation during Lucidity

Has anyone ever had an extreme physical elation when becoming lucid?
I have had very few lucid dreams and when I do they don’t usually last very long but at the point of lucidity or upon awaking I am in a “nirvana” like state.
My body will be slightly tingly, my emotions are very happy, and it’s almost as if a wave (similar to an orgasm but not sexual) goes across my body.
Throughout this I’m usually very calm too. It’s probably the best feeling ever and I wondered about it.

I was just curious if you found this happening before?

Welcome teamlinx!
I actually guess a lot of people have experienced at some time or another this extreme sense of happiness and internal peace. I guess my experience that can relate the most to this sensations has to be my first LD, and generally I feel very peaceful during dreams in general and after a LD, where I’m also very thankful.

Hi, teamlinx and welcome :wink:

I feel that exact same thing. The more increadible the LD the stronger it is. Some times when I chain LD’s, even if short ones, I wake up with that feeling too. It’s the best feeling ever :happy:

i just need to learn to get them more consistently now!

Besides the elation of lucid dreaming, I woke up with this feeling just once, a couple years ago. Waves of energy were simply pulsing through my body, and they grew stronger as if they would reach some climax and I would simply burst from my flesh, until I couldn’t take it anymore and moved and it stopped. Does anyone know what this is?