Picked up some melatonin and B6.. confused about the melaton

Hey… I went to wal-mart and got me some melatonin and B-6.

The b-6 tabs are 100 mg per tablet.
The Melatonin are only 300 MCG per tab…
so they are pretty small.

1000 mcg (microgram) = 1 mg, right?

So how many of these tabs should i be takin for melatonin…

and I should take them 30 min before bed, right?


Your body naturally only produces very small amount of melatonin when you go to bed,about a third of a 1 mg.
You do not need much to help you out,Just be warned that if you take too much every night you can become dependant on it,making it real hard to go to sleep without a tab of melatonin.
For more info go to ld4all.com/forum/?https://www.ld4 … 5&start=27

You have 3mg ones just like the ones i use.Just take one about 30-50 mins before sleep…u should get the timing right anyways as it will just make u sleepy.
Sometimes when i feel too awake and i want to go to sleep earlier i take two of them.No biggie…you just feel more sleepy.Never tried 3 of them but there are people who take 2 of 5 mg ones so i doubt it can be dangewrous.
I also dont agree about danger of getting dependant on it.If one wants to have melatonin working like its supposed to the key lies in regularity.Best effects you usually get after two weeks of everyday taking.
But it also works fine taken from time to time.
It also works faster and in my opinion stronger if u have it crushed under the tongue.Its tasteless,so u can give it a go:)