Does eating pickles (or with peanut butter) actually increase the chances of LDing that night? I’ve heard several accounts of people who ate pickles in the evening and got an LD that night… :eek:

Well, i think ive seen it at the “lucid food list”, but i eat pickles often, and it dosent help me. i think it depends on the person :smile:

Same here, I love pickles but I’m still not so hot w/ the ld’s

Eating pickles helps with LD’s? I’ve never heard of it. Eating pickles with peanut butter sounds horrible.

I’m all pickled out. I might have one once in a great while. I still LD w/o their help.

hehe :razz: pickles with peanut butter isn’t as horrible as it sounds… basically it almost tastes like nothing because pickles are sour, peanut butter is sugary… it cancels out

i despise pickles completely… and i feel in my heart that i have more lucid dreams than i would if i was a pickle eater (regardless of whether or not there was peanut butter on it)and i attribute some of my success to my abstinence from pickles.

hmm…I’ve been wondering if that works. My friend commented that he had a weird dream when he had spicy pickles before bed. Or maybe that was his mom who said it. I dunno.

I, however, have not had any LDs when I ate pickles. I started having them after I stopped eating pickles :confused:

I just recently tried that exact combination and thought it was really gross!

As for me I don’t THINK pickles help me lucid dream…

Whats in the pickels that enhances dreams?

heheee… eating pickels :ok: yea right… i eat grass before going to sleep… u should try it works!!! :crazy:
heh… b cool :tongue:

I remeber icing cupcakes one day and I was dared to have a pickle dipped in icing. mmmmmmmmmmmmm…hehe, actually no it was gross I almost vommited, but I like pickles…:smile: - I cant remember though if it helped with my dream.