Picture Of Laberge! Don't click if you don't want to see him

I’m not sure where this should go but some might be interested. I choose this forum because without Dr L. many of us won’t be having LDs so erm yeh anyway!

I gave the warning because some might have a vision of what he looks like already. When this illusion is shattered it can be hard to get back on track when reading his books. I wasn’t sure what he looked like but it was quite close to this I guess. Tell me what you think…

Click here for picture

well… it is not possible to post images in this forum, but if you put it somewhere on the net and link to the url that will work.

laBerge has his pic in the Mirror too, in the What section (click on “this century” and scroll down) on this site. just click on his name and he appears in the mirror. curious what pic you have of him though :cool:

He kind of looks like the guy from MAS*H :smile: - quite cheery :flower:

hey that’s a much better one than the one i use on the site. (that was from his younger years i guess :wink:)


hey, for once, my mental picture WASN’T shattered :happy:

He looks almost EXACTLY like I imagined him. Except I kind of imagined him to look more like Richard Dreyfuss with a beard :wink: … but eh, my mental image is very much intact… :smile: hooha.

He looks exactly like my mental picture too! Except for the way … he stares at you. shudder

I’m sorry but he knows stuff so should have a beard, no beard I’d be worried, time to recheck his results me thinks! :content:

For some reason I pictured him MUCH older… like eighty with no or little hair (white). Not sure why I did.

In a way this is a VERY interesting experiment in schemas. We all create a picture of him based on what we know about him and what schemas apply to those ideas in our minds eye. Example would be you saying that he knows stuff so should have a beard. Fascinating.

Didn’t shatter my mental image of what he looked like either.
Strange, I heard him on the radio once and he sounded pretty much as I’d have guessed too.
Hmm, I guess it’s just he looks a bit like so many other academics I’ve met. :alien:

I thought he’d be more chubby, and have a suit. You’d think a guy like him would wear a suit. Maybe he has in a different pic, I dunno.

I was thinking of him like a doctor-type with grey hair and a whit coat. The picture magicadam had was pretty like how I imagined him, just without the white doctor coat :smile:

I also always thought he’d gave doctors white coat, and for some reason, eyeglasses. He looks also a lot cheerier than I imagined (must be all the LDs he has had ^_^)