Piece of mind, full of .........?

Problems, one time or another they still come. I felt problems occur between me and my best friends. Me, myself was beyond the subject becuase i always think things through, ecspecially before they happen. I cant say anything to change what people feel though, so i just sit their and kinda of feel the problem. I dont add to it because that adds distraction and can cause a issue or fight that doesnt need to take place. So besides what i felt, i knew the fact already before it scan through anyone else’s head. So my friend brings the subject and i bring it to notice and ignore the fact. Of course one person is bothered by it, so they dwell on the subject. Once we all knew the fact and came to senses that we were all a unity and nothing like stupid bull can split that fact. So we laughed about the fact of being in that area of time.

Solutions, they are answers to are problems, but create more??  More soultions sometimes leads to more problems.  Unless you accept your problem before going beyond your true soultion.  Remember problems are inner issues only one can understand"YOU!"  Once you unleash what you caused, you will soon notice that it wasn't a problem to begin with.  Becasue it changed you so much.  Even though your problems have more un-tangled ends.  If you notice it sooner or later the tangels soon set straight and easier to untie and soon sets straight like it belonged.(in the first place)                
      More B.s. i like to release from this endless mind of mine!

Yeah, I know what you mean, but what do you do when you’ve got a problem with someone and they just won’t understand what you just explained, and they just keep on dwelling on the stupid problem that doesn’t really matter that much at all.

Encourage what they dwell on. Soon they will be confused or happy that you agree and try your best to do so if the subject is that hard. If that doesnt work, beg for the insanity to stop and tell them they are a negative person, ecspecially if they are always looking down on life.

Hmmm, but the person that i’m thinking about is my girlfriend, and I don’t think she’d like it very much if I called her a negative person… I’ve decided just not to bother talking about the stupid things.

In this case your right. You can never figure girlfriends out, so the best advice is not to bother and maybe it will unravel itself. Just be yourslef and do what you would do under normal circumstances. I hope for the best and try to create what you 2 want.