PILD - Picture Induced Lucid dream

Hi everyone, I am nightdreamer. You can call me night.

I have experimented with this technique for about a year now, and it is very reliable. Succeeds 2/3 tries for me.
It is called PILD, and basically you can do this at night time but it is best preferred in your REM stages of sleep. When you do WBTB for REM, you do the following:

  1. Tighten your muscles. Then let loose. Repeat this a couple of times.

  2. Now that you let your anxiety out, you must try and imagine a dream…
    You are reading about lucid dreaming, talking about lucid dreaming, doing anything related to lucid dreaming. In this you should be able to try and imagine your self lucid dreaming, and just keep doing this.

  3. After doing this you will imagine yourself doing tons of reality checks in your “picture” in your mind and you will question why you did the reality check and ask how you got there.

  4. After a while, you should drift off to sleep, and the following may occur:

  5. You have a FA and you do a RC and you become lucid

  6. You have a DILD from the RC that you did in your dream because you imagined it in your mind before sleep

  7. You have a WILD and you enter the dream immediately after trying this technique

All of these are fine. Here are some attempts I have kept over the past week.

Mar 26
I wake up, and i tighten my muscles. I start imagining myself doing all of this stuff and then I practice one reality check and then I realize I am already dreaming so I just become lucid and have a long LD.

Mar 27
I woke up but I fell asleep too fast before I could even think about anything. :sad: So far this failed.

Mar 28
I woke up and relaxed a tad and I imagined myself RCing and I never entered a WILD or a FA but I had a DILD later that night from a RC

Mar 29
Couldn’t fall back asleep I forgot to relax, see how important the relax part is?
I finally fell back asleep but I wasn’t focusing on the tech because if I did I knew I wouldnt sleep

Mar 30
Great LD! I tightened my muscles from WBTB and I relaxed and then I just imagined myself and I entered the dream right away from some bright shining lights in my eyes and then I was already in a dream and I made a RC to make sure it was it and it was.

Please attempt this and report back here with all of your attempts! This is worth it! Thanks :smile:

Hmm sounds like MILD but in a more broad way of thinking of it. Such a simple idea though, last night was last thinking about schools, and I dreamed about being in a school :razz:

Think I’ll do this instead of a straight up mantra/MILD.

thanks! do it as it is, using it with WBTB is the best, you can’t really do it with the same effect as when you’re in REM which is WBTB. :smile: It is super effective, the logic makes sense and it should definitely work. This is almost like VILD, but different.

Hey, is it necessary to sleep with the picture as the last thought in your head, coz, i always conjure up different thoughts before going to bed?

And how many rounds should i visualise the picture before drifting off to sleep?