Pillow/headphone? (Apparently called 'Pillow Speakers'

Anyone seen the system you put under your pillow that allows you to clearly hear something being played on a CD player or laptop but anyone els ein the room cannot hear it? It’s like headphones but all you need to do is lay your head on the pillow to be able to hear it! I think it goes underneath. I think the idea is to listen to radio or have it plugged into TV so you can enjoy your entertainment without waking your partner up. Not intended for lucid dreaming.

I’ve only seen it once and it was a Panasonic one because I was in a tiny Panasonic shop. This seems like a good way to use an induction file or CD… Any comments? I imagine it would be very comfy for the people you can’t sleep with headphones on.

I’d buy that. If you find a link or anything, PM me, I’d be willing to pay for it.

I tried a lot of searches with not much luck but have now found the correct words to search for. Try using google and search for “pillow speaker”. There will be several makes and models and they all seem good. I was very surprised to see them for around £5 which is about $2.50!

Or the ones that came up on the google.co.uk were anyway… I’m going to grab one. I’m sure the one I saw a few years ago was quite expensive.

tell me how it works, and if its good, i’ll buy one
i’ve always had trouble getting to sleep with headphones

I’ve never seen this product, but I imagine that it would be relatively easy to make a low-quality one by cutting open a pillow and shoving an old pair of headphones inside. I doubt this would be as good as buying one, but it’d be a lot cheaper.

They are not really headphones though. It goes under your pillow and your pillow acts as the headphone if that makes sense. You have to be lying on the pillow in order to hear the sounds which means your partner will not be disturbed. I thought this may be a good way for people to try out lucid dreaming and relaxation mp3s even if they usually cannot sleep with headphones.