Pineal Gland Activation! Man Opens 3rd Eye With A Magnet

All of the above happened with my physical eyes opened while I was laying on my back.
I hope this is the right place for this, at least that’s what I’ve been told.
I can confirm that this works. I just want to ask if using neodymium magnets can have bad effects on the brain? I’ve been looking for health information on the internet but i haven’t found something about the brain.

Oh cool i’ve heard o this

I don’t know. I advise you to be careful. But what does the magnet why the third eye open?

I have managed to activate my third eye with simple wooden objects :tongue:

The trick is to approach to the pineal gland slowly and with closed eyes and have an intention to open that spot, then it works :happy:

Is it also possible to close your third eye?

Yes, but why would you like to do that? :confused: too few in this world follow their intuition from within IMHO