I have seen some reports on having extremely vivid dreams after taking Piracetamum before sleep. Piracetamum is freely (at least somewhere) available drug, it belongs to nootropics (“smart drug”) group of drugs. So basically it is some kind of “brain booster”.
I have no personal experience with this, but I know Piracetamum is commonly used for temporarily enhancing one’s learning ability (before exams :wink: etc.).
Had any of you some dream / LD related experience with this drug? Please share :smile:

There are drugs that r known to increase dream recall and even cause people to become conscious in dreams. The only thing is that drugs like this r usually a quick fix method which is common in our society. People don’t want to take the time and effort which is involved in actually usually what they have, naturally, to achieve their goal. In the end once a person decides not to use the drug anymore then they no longer have the desired effect or a person becomes dependent on it and doesn’t even realise their addiction.

The best method especially for LD’s is just to train yourself with a number of practiced methods, which are here on this site for u too learn. For example, keep a dream diary, this will increase your dream recall since you r constantly working your brain and causing your memory to improve. Also RC’s during the day r important and can help in having LD’s. So using methods such as these above as well as many others u will come across (eg:Suneye Method) will aid u in a drug free experience and will in the end be more fullfilling for yourself to know that u and only u achieved your goal.

yeah drugs are stupid

Z and bradcook thanks for sharing your opinions :smile:
Well, OK, my English is crap, I wanted to put forward a bit different idea than you understood. Let me explain myself once more (and hopefully better).

Piracetamum is NOT something you can get high on. It is a drug in that “medical treatment” meaning, not such drug as “get stoned from”. It is perfectly legal, sometimes doctors prescribe it for older people (over 40) just in case. I don’t think it is even possible to become dependent on it.

I see no difference between gotu-kola, ginkgo, Lecithine, DMAE and Piracetamum. They all are nootropics or “smart drugs” if you like. All this stuff is pretty innocent compared to some other options discussed here.

While I am not promoting the use of it, I know that some people actually use it for their own reasons. I just wanted to know their experience in connection with LD, that’s all.

The problem is that “the purist” way of achieving LD might not work for everyone. Somebody maybe needs additional “kick” (or “shortcut”) to get into flow. And this is what I believe this forum was made for.

Yeah, completely agree with all that. Plus, I’d hate to think that it would be a slightly different version of me running my life temporarily. I couldn’t trust him…

This post is not intended to be disrespectful, but I’m curious as to how many of those holding the “drugs are cheating” opinion have actually tried the approach themselves. I once believed the same thing, but my experiences have shown me otherwise. The more I learn, the more I come to believe that this opinion mainly stems from society’s efforts to portray drugs (at least the illegal ones, no one seems to be saying this about mint tea) as an evil shortcut that couldn’t possibly have any long-term benefits.

One of the very first things I learned about drugs is that they aren’t a “quick fix” for anything. They require a lot of time, patience and practice to use properly in a situation like this, and sometimes that involves even more effort than just laying back and willing yourself to LD…but it’s a different approach that accomplishes a different goal, and it isn’t always appropriate under the circumstances. Not everyone wants to do it this way, and that’s fine–but I’d hardly call it the “easy way out.” Besides, most drug-using LDers don’t just use drugs to get the dream-juices flowing: rather, they combine all the techniques they know to achieve maximum effect. That’s something that non-users do as well!

Furthermore, very few drugs that people use to enhance dreaming (we’ve discussed salvia divinorum, calea zacatechichi, cannabis, DXM, piracetam/pramiracetam, mint, and some others at length here) are addictive or produce any significant tolerance effect. Most of them have little to no physical side effects unless they are smoked, and we all know smoking isn’t good for you anyway (and in any case, a joint of calea z once in a great while is far less harmful than the pack of cigarettes a day many people smoke). Whereas “drug free” methods such as Suneye can have undesireable side effects, such as severe eye strain and side effects associated with sleep deprivation. How can one say one method is better or safer than another, especially when intelligent users practice moderation in their approach? There aren’t too many people out there who let calea zacatechichi rule their lives…the taste alone is a pretty good deterrent for regular use.

Most of us don’t go through this moral battle when we have a headache and we know there is aspirin in the medicine cabinet, even though we don’t NEED the aspirin and we could certainly “tough it out” or try some alternate remedies such as meditation. Most of us would just go for the aspirin (or herbal tea if you’re of a more holistic bent, but teas contain drugs too!). Is that cheating? After all, aspirin is fatal in much smaller quantities than most illegal drugs, so technically it’s a lot more dangerous. Or say when we have a cold and we take cough medicine…which contains DXM. If it’s okay then, why is it suddenly not okay for dreaming? It’s a pretty bizarre double standard, if you think about it.

Just my 0.02…


Well, I guess this cheaters vs. non-cheaters dispute deserves its own topic.

I’ll just add that somebody might just need the initial kick to learn what LD is like and later be able to reach that state without “cheating”.

And to stay on topic: some Piracetam info here.

Yeah,i agree with JTC here…this is shortcuts to lucidity forum and comments like “drugs are bad” are just unpropriate here.Maybe some of you have success with how u call it “natural way”.Well,the rest might be different.
Its like with driving a car-some do it better some suck at it even after years of driving.
If someones like to take vitb6 to enhance his/her recall i see nothing wrong with that.And as far as i know about Paracetamium its no more healthy or harmfull than that.
I personally dont know much about this particular medicine,gotta read up on it yet.
take care

Jtk i tried it for lucid dreaming before bedtime…experimented a month with it…but ehm no more lds or less then usual :neutral:

What i found true is that you learn more easy and remember things you learnt more easy.
It improves the communication between your left and right hemisphere by cause of the corpus callosum…the nerve bundle between the two hemispheres :smile:

But for lds it did nothing 4 me!