Planet Art Network - Netherlands


Just wanted to post a link to the PAN crew in the Netherlands… This is a repost, of something i read at the tortuga forums.

[quote="benben"Every Dali, Gamma, Kali and all Heptad long in due time
@ reguliersdwarsstraat 17, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

From Noon till Nine:

Earth wizardry, custom made virgin cocktails and sweet sounds.

Kundalini, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Dynamics
Mayan birthdate reading;
Audio Visuals that matter;
Cosmic Science;
Alternative tourist information;
And what ever else should be out there…

As finishin’ touch God created the Dutch.
We invented the republic and the multinational.
So it is only natural and logic that we counter-balance that with
Love and Wisdom.

From the heart of the Dutch resistance of the machine…

Everything is on the one![/quote]